Recipe - Delicious Chicken Chapli Kebab


Chapli Kebab is a traditional dish that can be made with any meat for example beef, mutton and chicken mince. These juicy kebabs are spicy and one of the most popular non barbeque mince based dish. The simple cooking procedure seals all the spices and flavors within the mince without making kebabs dry.

We always prefer to make chapli kebabs at home for our family dinners and parties as well. Traditionally chapli kebabs are served with Naan, but you can serve it with chappati, rice and even use them as a patty for making yummy burgers.

So, today we are going to share with you our very own recipe of Chicken Chapli Kebabs. 

Let’s start our recipe:


Chicken Mince 400gms

Ginger Paste 1tbsp

Garlic Paste 1tbsp

Onion Chopped 2tbtsp

Coriander seeds 1/2tbsp

Cumin Seeds 1/2tbsp

Red pepper crushed 1 tbsp

Garam masala 1/2tbsp

Salt as per your taste

Coriander leaves 2tbsp

Pomegranate seeds 1tbsp

Eggs 1

Green chilies chopped 1tbsp

Tomatoes chopped 1/2cup

Oil for frying


Take all the ingredients in a large dish and mix them well.

Let it marinate for 30 minutes.

Grease your palms with cooking oil or water so that mince do not stick to your palms.

Make a medium size round patty with slight thickness.

Use all mince to make equal size patties.

Fry your patties in medium hot oil.

Fry patties until they turn golden in colour.

Serve Chicken Chapli Kebab with salad and any dip of your choice.