Four Interesting Apps For Every Woman

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In today’s fast life, mobile apps are a blessing to keep us updated and accessible to many things. Apps can be very beneficial as they give quick knowledge and sometimes provide a fast help.

Let’s check out some of the interesting and useful apps that help and keep all women occupied.

ALLRecipes Dinner Spinner

If you are worried about “what to cook”, than it’s time you stop worrying because there is an app for this problem. With a community of more than 30 million home cooks, the AllRecipes Dinner Spinner gives you access to hundreds of numerous recipes. Moreover you can also add your own developed recipes to the app as well.


Alarm Mon is the latest and most famous alarm app that helps mothers to wake up in morning. The name of the app is deprived from two words Alarm and Monster. Up till now it has more than 1,000,000+ downloads. There are different unique sounds and animations that keep you interested in it. This app is accessible for free on both iOS and Android.

Circle of 6

This app is very useful, through it you can add up to six family members or friends in your circle and the moment you think you need their help, just use this app to call them to help and support you. It will send the location and a preset text message to your circle of 6. This app is accessible for free.


If you are a photo junkie who wants to click and edit photos to give them a new look than Brushstroke app is absolutely perfect for you. It works just like Prisma by converting the photos in to a artwork or painting like thing. 



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