Review - Paramount Fine Foods Brings Lebanese Food To Pakistan


Whenever a new restaurant comes to town, we all love to visit it with our family and friends to taste its new cuisine. A few months back, an international food chain Paramount Fine Foods has opened its restaurant in Karachi. The food chain already has its outlets in Canada and USA. Its specialty is offering authentic and remarkable Lebanese and Middle Eastern food in a cozy atmosphere.

One fine afternoon, we visited this new restaurant with our friends for lunch. The decision to try the food of Paramount Fine Foods was turned into an amazing experience because we liked the comfortable atmosphere and enjoyed a super yumlicious lunch.

Let’s have a look at the menu of Paramount Fine Foods. The Hummus and Pita bread was really a great starter to warm up for some great Middle Eastern dishes and desserts. Hummus is very popular recipe around the world and Paramount has added more taste to it by combining it with fresh Pita bread that enhances the flavor of hummus.

The Zaatar Manakeesh was another flavorsome dish. This was very different and unique taste. It is a thin crispy dough with the combination of different herbs. 

The highlight of the menu was mixed Grilled Platter. There were many tasty things arranged on platter, for example, the BBQ beef and chicken, falafel, Kafta, Sheesh-tawouk with salad and Tahini sauce. It was the best grilled meat that we have ever tasted.  

The Saj wrap and potato fries with fresh salad garnishing was one delicious dish that we liked the most. The marinated and grilled shrimps were also very tasty, you must order it for lunch or dinner. 

Paramount Fine Foods has a vast variety of desserts. You will fall in love with the wide range of tempting sweets like Baklawa and Kinafe, all displaying in glass showcases. The taste of different Baklawas is unique and the accurate amount of sweetness made them simply outstanding.

The menu also includes hot beverages like tea, coffee, cappuccino, café lattee and cold beverages includes mango juice, cocktail juice, strawberry juice and paramount special. We ordered plain water bottles because “Paramount Water Bottles” has some incentive of charity, with each order of water bottle Rs 5 is donated to Dar –Ul-Sukoon.

We would recommend that you should visit Paramount Fine Foods with your family and friends for the fresh delicious and healthy food. 


There is no doubt that this Paramount Fine Foods is a must-go restaurant, so we are giving it 5/5. 



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