New Cotton Lawn Chikankari by Image Fabrics


South Asian women love to wear chikankari suits. A chikankari suit is all about traditional embroidery on different textile fabrics for example silk, chiffon, muslin, organza and lawn. A chikankari suit is a wonderful addition to anyone's wardrobe because it can be used as a casual or a formal wear. 

Many fashion brands and designers have introduced a wide variety of chikankari and surprisingly, women always praised all kind of this embroidery collection. Today, we will share the details of the new collection of cotton lawn chikankari by Image.

The Brand Claims:

Image Fabric has been established in 1993 with a reputation for embroidered collections and variety of fabrics. Due to brand's commitment for quality and style, it has been gained a good reputation among women. 

Chikankari Collection:

This season, Image has come up with a new idea to attract its customers. The new unstitched range is in vibrant colors and has a fine chikankari embroidery on cotton lawn.

The designs of finely done embroidery reflects the elegance of eastern motifs. Inspired by Lucknow's embroidery, Image offers a small yet very beautiful collection in bright hues with delicate chikan work in different patterns for shirt pieces and dupatta. The new cotton lawn with embroidery is a perfect solution for casual and evening wear. 

These unstitched chikankari fabrics are available for Rs 1250 per metre, Rs 800 per metre and Rs 1200 per metre. 

Lets check out the Image Chikankari Cotton Lawn:


Available in lilac colour, it is a 100% cotton lawn made with finest quality Egyptian Pima Cotton. The price range for shirt piece is Rs 1,250.00 per metre. 


The marigold colored shirt piece is a 100% cotton lawn made with finest quality Egyptian Pima Cotton. The price range for this one is Rs 1200 per metre.


Image Fabrics has also introduced a marigold dupatta in a 100% cotton lawn made from finest quality Egyptian Pima Cotton. The price range is Rs 800 per metre.

You can buy Image from their website Image/unstitched

You can also find their facebook page here Imagefabrics



Coke Studio Season 9 Grand Finale


Coke Studio Season 9 will culminate with the Finale, releasing the last episode on digital on September 23, followed by television airing on Saturday, September 24. Episode 7 will the longest episode of the Season, featuring a traditional cover duet of the kalaam, Aaj Rung Hai, by Amjad Sabri and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. This is the last recorded qawaali by Amjad Sabri before his tragic and untimely death, and as such it is being looked forward to with huge anticipation by the entire nation.

As opposed to the previous 6 episodes featuring 4 songs each, there will be a total of 6 songs in the grand finale seventh episode. Besides Rung, the other songs are Nima Nima by Shani, Tu Kuja Man Kuja, cover by Shiraz Uppal and Rafaqat Ali Khan, Sab Jag Soye, by Shuja and Quratulain Baloch, Dil Kamla by Faakhir and Natasha Khan and O Re by Noori.

Season 9 of Coke Studio was remarkable in terms of the many innovations it introduced and the new records it established. Just before the Season started, the first innovation introduced was a special set-up, Coke Studio for the Deaf, which used latest technology to enable hearing impaired people experience the music of Coke Studio in a unique way. A second innovation was the production of the songs for the season by 6 different music directors, under the overall lead of the executive producers, Strings. Season 9 also featured the most artists of any season, with 40 singers performing solo or in a duet with another artist, and 35 musicians in the house band, adding great depth to the season.

The popularity of Coke Studio also reached new heights with Season 9, which even before the last episode still to come had crossed 100 million views and plays on digital media. The Season was made available in one format or the other on no less than 13 digital platforms


Cornetto Pop Rock Presents New Song Dildara


Cornetto Pop Rock proudly presents collaborative duet of Ali Azmat and Noori . DILDARA with its power house vocals will get you rocking in your seats as you can see your favorite Pop Rockers have a ball of a time. This video is directed by Amaan Ahmed from Uncut Studios while the styling was done by the fantastic Ehtisham

Hasan Rizvi, CEO BB Events & PR says, “ This was the one I’ve been waiting for! Two rock legends coming together to not only restore but also revive music in Pakistan. The idea of Cornetto Pop Rock is finally coming to life. In just a span of 8 months I can see the impact this platform has made on Pakistan. Music is coming back with a bang! The team of Cornetto Pop Rock has worked endlessly to make this revolution and it wouldn’t have been possible with the support from the Cornetto brand team. Its very difficult to find brands that not only believe in the changes but also work side-by-side to implement them! Cornetto Pop Rock has become a giant with the help of stars like Ali Zafar, Ali Azmat, Noori and many others. All we can promise is that it’s going to get bigger and better each year! My heart filled gratitude to the members of the Pakistani media, without their support this wouldn’t have been possible.”

The rock legend Ali Azmat, comments on this powerhouse duet by saying, “ The experience was great! This is the second song we’ve worked on for Cornetto Pop Rock. I particularly enjoyed writing and recording the song with Ali Noor and Ali Hamza. The talented Amaan brought a lot of creativity to the table. Hats off to the Cornetto Pop Rock  team for putting season 1 together. Overall it was a great experience.”

Ali Noor comments on his experience on Dildara, "We had a really good time! The fact that Cornetto gave us the liberty to write our own songs and lyrics got us really excited about this project. Cornetto Pop Rock made this milestone duet possible by supporting this duet with Ali Azmat. We grew up listening to him and finally got a chance to work with him is indeed an honor. He is a brilliant song writer, he write amazing raps and amazing guitar ideas and the fact that he has come together with us to producing this song was lot of fun.
As far as music video is concerned Aaman is brilliant director he actually goes back a very long way with us because he did the photography for our first album."


Body Makeover Challenge


BodyBeat Recreational Center (BBRC) proudly announces the first advanced fitness challenge of its kind, Body Makeover Challenge. BBRC invites the most renowned fitness gurus and instructors to come and compete under one roof. Amongst the participants are Mohammad Wasif, Mantaha Tareen, Rizwan Noor, Nusrat Hidayatullah, Zeeshan Shafi, Torsam Tajik, Ahmed, Amir Anees and many others.

The session will begin by an advanced fitness class directed by Mohammad Wasif and his team. Mohammad Wasif has been merited with a certification from Shapes Health Stuido that relies on ACSM guidelines. He participated in fitness workshops for TRX, Cross Fit, Sports specific training, Nutrition, Biomechanics (Human Body Movements with Dr. Mark Slaven RTS123). He is also the lead Fitness Expert for BBRC program BodyMakeOver

Following the advanced class will be the challenges.

Challenge 1: handstandpushups - Ticket to Dubai 
Challenger 2: 
staticsquat - Tissot Watch 
Challenge 3: 
pushupchallenge - Scensation voucher
Challenge 4: 
plankoneleglifted - Scensation voucher 
Challenge 5: 
oneminutecurlup - Scensation voucher
Challenge 6: 
dancersize - Scensation voucher 



Return Of Saeein Zahoor And Sanam Marvi In Coke Studio


Coke Studio Season 9 has reached its final stages and the second last episode is set to go on air on Saturday, September 17.  Episode 6 of this Season reveals an amazing line-up of performers including Saieen Zahoor and Sanam Marvi, Damia Farooq and Basit Ali, Momina Mustehsan and Asim Azhar, and Rizwan Butt and Sara Haider.  Sanam Marvi and SaieenZahoor, were last seen performing together on the Coke Studio platform in 2013 in Season 6. Their powerful vocals create an intoxicating sense of euphoria that lifts their tracks to new sonic heights.

The Episode will be featuring 4 songs, including ‘Lagi Bina’ by Sanam Marvi and Saieen Zahoor, ‘Anokha Laadla’ by Damia Farooq and Basit Ali, ‘Tera Who Pyaar’ by Asim Azhar and Momina Mustehsan, and ‘Meri Meri’ by Rizwan Butt and Sara Haider.

The first song of the episode establishes the bars of nostalgia with a sense of familiarity with in the first few seconds with the classic tune, ‘Anokha Laadla’ –– fueled by Damia Farooq’s subtle and effortless vocals. That is, until in a split second the track pauses  before a psychedelic riff transforms the original arrangement of the track, and the vocals of Basit Ali cut through distinctive and strong. Written by Raees Farough and originally composed by Ashiq Ali, the transformed duet has a renewed edge comprising an upbeat drumbeat, fuzzy guitar twangs, a brilliant sitar solo – adeptly delivering a tune with a powerful soul comprising a timeless, moving melody.

The second song can be best described as sublime, beautiful, and soul stirring;‘Tera Who Pyaar’ and ‘Nawazishein’ performed by Momina Mustehsan with Asim Azhar. The romantic ballads, both originally sung by Shuja Haider, features him as the music director, calling the shots in a track that truly delivers from the heart. The soft piano and the subtle sound of the sitar create a fitting atmosphere for Momina’s soft vocals, sung with utmost grace, as Asim croons over cinematic violins about the love story, packed full of emotions. Midway through the duration, as the track gathers momentum, it brings together elements of the Pakistani pop scene of the bygone era, and takes you to a dreamy place whilst celebrating romance and leaving one smitten.

The third song is a rendition of a kalaam by Bulleh Shah. ‘Meri Meri’ instantly becomes a track that is more than just moody  atmospheric sounds of a Sufi melody featuring the irresistible voices of Rizwan Butt with Sara Haider. Introduced by a steady guitar that pulls you in, Rizwan’s vocals demand attention and translate the emotion quiet firmly. The pulse of the track throbs and maneuvers through country western and Sufi style, imbedded with an interval that explores the Irish music arrangement. Amidst the incredible blues guitar playing, Sara’s voice perfectly fits the template of the sound adding a distinctly surreal edge to a track carrying abundance of energy and personality.

The last song of this episode, combing the vocal prowess of fabled Saieen Zahoor with Sanam Marvi’s raw, melodic voice in an ethereal kalaam by Waris Shah – ‘LagiBina’ grows on you from the onset driven by a melody that grips one and never loosens throughout the duration of the track. A fusion of Sindhi and Punjabi folk style, music director Jaffer Zaidi has created a sound where the contrasting vocals merge with striking instrumentation of the house-band while maintaining the emotion of the lyrics at the forefront.   



Coke Studio Season 9 Episode Five


The Sound of the Nation, Coke Studio, has kept fans truly amazed with a vast line-up of diverse talented performers in its ninth season. The upcoming Episode 5 offers an exceptional sound palette featuring rising stars like Momina  Mustehsan, Junaid Khan, Rachel Viccaji and Kashif Ali along with veteran performers such as RahatFateh Ali Khan, Javed Bashir, Shahzad Nawaz and Masooma  Anwar. The episode is set to be aired on all leading television channels on Saturday, September 10.

The Episode will be featuring 4 songs, including ‘Main Raasta’ by Junaid Khan and Momina Mustehsan, ‘Jhalliya’ by Javed Bashir, Masooma Anwar and Shahzad Nawaz, ‘Shamaan Pai Gaiyaan’ by Kashif Ali and Rachel Viccaji and ‘Saada’ by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Rachel Viccaji, who will be seen performing a duet with Kashif Ali, is on the stage as the lead vocalist a second time but has been part of the back vocalists’ trio since last 6 seasons. Talking about her association with Coke Studio, she said, “It’s a great feeling to be a part of it. There is a lot of learning. You get to work with such lamented musicians; the house band, different artists and music directors. What I love the most is the family environment that is here and it’s important to create this environment to keep up the morale for everyone.”

Included in the fifth episode of Coke Studio is the second song in the Season of one of the most talked about singers of the season, Momina Mustehsan. Momina will be seen performing a guitar solo in her upcoming song. 

Talking about ‘Mai Raasta’, performed by Momina Mustehsan and Junaid Khan, the music directors Noori said, “The fun part of this song is that we all made it together. Junaid wrote the lyrics of his part, whereas Momina wrote the lyrics for her part. And it’s performed in the form of a jam where Momina will be seen playing a guitar solo as well. We are very excited because this will probably be the first pop rock anthem on Coke Studio.”

A true collaboration between Momina Mustehsan and Junaid Khan, ‘Main Raasta’ is a firecracker of a pop-rock anthem that brims with confidence. Powerful and emotive, the track screams music directors Noori’s signature style – awash with pounding drums and warped guitars, masterfully blending into one another. The teamwork went beyond lending the voices; the duo struck a balance by spending several days confined in a studio working on the melody and the lyrics. Junaid’s hushed chest voice and perfect falsetto puts the expressivity of Momina’s vocals at the forefront of the track featuring a guitar solo by her that helps bring the song’s explosive personality to life.

The song  ‘Jhalliya’ by the duo, Javed Bashir and Masooma Anwar stay familiarly close to their dual strengths. With a bracing blend of swift guitar, the track opens in an intimate atmosphere as Shahzad Nawaz makes a guest appearance narrating words by Bulleh Shah at intervals. In the original composition by Faakhir Mehmood, and additional lyrics by SabirZafar and Javed Bashir, this sufi-style rendition builds into something with much more energy, spirit and life. The high-pitched vocals of Javed and the deep tones of Masooma, strikingly fuse with an unstoppable groove, a bouncing chorus and a flickering drumbeat. 

‘Shamaan PaiGaiyaan / Kee Dam Da Bharosa’, the third song of the episode, is a duet featuring Kashif Ali and Rachel Viccaji – might trick you into believing that its simply going to be more of the same. Starting with Kashif’s low key vocals over tiptoeing piano, the first track originally sung by NaseeboLal is structured by music director Shiraz Uppal in a way that keeps the quiet, unplugged moments interesting. Half way through the track, Rachel enters with those rich soulful vocal tones set against the high-energy double tempo highlights in the instrumentation featuring a slick bass solo by Amir Azhar. Ironically, the same Amir Azhar played mandolin for the original track, sung by Madam Noor Jehan in 1996 – the last time she sang for a film.

The last song of the episode ‘Sadaa’ by the legend RahatFateh Ali Khan acts as a transport to a faraway land with Khan’s powerful vocals that bleed into this soul stirring ‘dhamaal’ to honor Lal Shahbaz Qalandar. The glorious rolling melody composed by Rahat himself float over the recognizable traditional rhythm of the dhol and dholak at the shrines – accompanied by a funk soundscape comprising restricted drums, immaculate bass lines, electric guitar et al – skillfully constructed by music director Shani Arshad.



Amir Adnan Opens 18th Flagship Store


Amir Adnan, known as a visionary designer with an unprecedented status within the Pakistani fashion industry, decided to take the markets in Rawalpindi by storm.

 The store marks as the 18th independent flagship store by Amir Adnan nationwide. The hand-painted walls, freshly stocked shelves and an exclusive couture section dedicated to grooms-wear in the basement all encapsulated the designer’s aesthetics of studied flamboyance.

“I should’ve made a decision to open a store in the indigenous markets of Rawalpindi years ago!” said Amir Adnan at the store opening. 

“It feels absolutely great to be in the Heart of Pakistan, where the people and the atmosphere are just so culturally rooted. Rawalpindi, in the truest sense of the word is a land of opportunities.”

Amir Adnan is the current recipient of the Achievement in Fashion Design Menswear award at the LUX Style Award 2016. His brand is the pioneering menswear label in Pakistan since its inception in 1990s and continues to revolutionize mind sets and dictate fashion trends nationally as well as internationally. 

Situated in Axis Center, Bank Road, Saddar, Rawalpinidi, the store opening went through a live broadcasting stream on Radio FM 97 and had its very own live fashion shoot within the premises. Male-models were present at the store as mannequins sporting latest Eid collection, couture Sherwanis as well as fresh off the boat Tuscany-inspired western-wear collection.



Cornetto Pop Rock Season 1 - Mein By Ali Azmat


Cornetto Pop Rock proudly announces the releases of the much awaited Ali Azmat music video, "Mein". Brilliantly shot and Directed by Amaan Ahmed from Uncut Studios, this video showcases the life of a rock star shot by a rock star. This video is set to revolutionise cinematography in Pakistan.

Cornetto Pop Rock is a music platform created by BB Events & PR and Empact Activations.

Hasan Rizvi, CEO of BB Events and PR says, “This is my all time favorite video! Although it started of as an experiment and it took much longer then expected, the result speak for itself. Ali Azmat's sportsmanship during this video made me an even bigger fan! Thanks to brands like Cornetto now our nation can see real, funny, creative and crazy music videos.”

Ali Azmat comments by saying;“This is our second song for Cornetto Pop Rock, besides the concerts we had in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Amaan is a great guy and is very talented. Cornetto has done a service to its country by promoting the existing talent in Pakistan. Also, hats off to them for pulling of such massive concerts given the situation in the cities.”

Ali Azmat further adds to his experience working on this video by saying; “ It was great going around with a camera on my head and shooting my daily routine. From riding the bicycle, hiking on mountains, jumping in the sea, and all other fun things. Its all very exciting.”

Amaan Ahmed, Director of the video comments; “ This one was special! Firstly it was Ali Azmat and secondly its an amazing song. So this felt personal. The idea was simple, Ali shoots it and I follow him everywhere and we had a ball doing it. What I loved? We didn’t focus on lighting, framing, formats, its raw and real! Showcasing the true essence of Cornetto by living free and expressing yourself. If you blink you may miss it. Enjoy the roller coaster ride!”

Checkout the video here


Ufone Salutes Unsung Heroes


To acknowledge the services of the unsung heroes that are actively reshaping the society through their utmost efforts for humanity, Ufone arranged a bloggers’meetup. Taking its primary message forward, ‘It’s all about U’, the company extends its support to consumers and people around, thus making them the core focus so as to serve them right.

Ufone makes conscious efforts in recognising and highlighting people who are an outstanding role model and a personification of the very message ‘It is all about U’.  These are the people who, despite their challenges, have risen above and beyond them and made it big in life. These are the role models who people will look up to as an inspiration as their achievements send out a message that inspires others to do good in their own capacity.

Four of these compassionate individuals were invited to share their inspirational stories and discuss about their endeavours in order to instill a higher sense of benevolence in people around. These included Muhammad Mohsin Ali, Shamim Akhtar, Saqib Ali Kazmi, and Sabia Abbat. Heroes in their respective areas, Ufone scouted them and picked them up to portray them as models of excellence to the society, so as to trigger the self-belief and inspiration needed to excel in life. Through TVCs and a comprehensive 360 degree campaign, the company has highlighted the life stories of these individuals, their struggles and their unparalleled achievements to inspire the nation and instill in them the belief that nothing is beyond their reach, provided they have the determination to make their dream come true.

Shamim Akhtar one of these heroes, at 53 is Pakistan’s first female driver; she is one such example who decided to go against all odds to make both ends meet for her family and adapted to a role skewed toward gender based obstacles. She attributes her success to the Islamabad Traffic Police Training course that paved the way for her to show her the possibilities of being able to drive heavy vehicles as she had gained an excellent road sense and courage to defy all stereotypes associated with driving vehicles. Her untiring efforts later helped her gain a public service vehicle license, making her the first Pakistani woman licensed to drive trailers, tractors and trucks.

Similarly, Muhammad Mohsin, son of a bread maker and resident of Hafizabad scored 688 points in his B.A exams through his uncanny efforts; thereby topping the list in B.A/B.Sc exams held by the Punjab University and made waves nationwide. Not being able to manage his college dues, he still had his motivation geared towards his goal of completing his graduation and therefore appeared for exams as a private candidate. Mohsin continued his quest for education while assisting his father to support his family and ensured that financial obstacles do not become the reason for a break in his education.

Sabia Abbat, on the other hand, is a 25 year old cyclist hailing from the village of Haripur and has also been handpicked by Ufone to brace its campaign. Within two years of her enthusiastic endeavors for sports, she became the national champion in Lahore; prior to this, she had been representing her college in regional events. She is now a professional cyclist and holds a bachelor’s degree in physical education.

Another flourishing example is of Saqib Ali Kazmi, an inspiring young entrepreneur and social worker from Karachi. From education to health, Kazmi works in the development sector to help the underprivileged of the society however he can. He started a project called “Mera Karachi Meri Zimmedari”. The name being self-explanatory focused on the role of each individual towards the society instead of relying on the politicians or ruling elites to facilitate people. Taking a leap forward, he worked in a small school and later with the help of his friends identified two areas of development in Interior Sindh, that is, water and education. To resolve the water crisis in the area, Saqib and his friends installed 320 hand pumps in different areas of Interior Sindh, particularly Gharo and Thatta. Saqib and the team also manage an educational venture in a village in Gharo. They provide books, free education, uniform and linguistic training to children to allow them to grow and prosper as well as make a difference.

As part of Ufone’s brand philosophy, it also supported people and organisations not generally known to the public but who all have been doing extra ordinary work for the betterment of the society. These were small scale philanthropic initiatives started by individuals on a personal basis who later went an extra mile, thus impacting their surroundings magnanimously. These include Operation Eid Child, Deewar-e-Mehrbani, and Khaana Ghar. All 3 initiatives have been conceived and are conducted by individuals in their personal capacities. These are being highlighted by Ufone to inspire similar ventures and to invite participation in the on-going activities. Ufone showcased these initiatives through a large electronic media campaign to share the message of goodness with all Pakistanis.

Parveen Saeed of Khana Ghar also graced the event with her presence and explained how she was encouraged to pursue her mission of feeding the underprivileged when she heard of a mother having killed her two children as she was unable to feed them.

The discussion by these unsung heroes was followed by an interactive session with the bloggers whose keen interest in their endeavours revealed many more unsung heroes in the making!


Bollywood star Shilpa Rao to feature in Coke Studio Episode 4


Coke Studio chalks up another first for the music industry of Pakistan by featuring Bollywood sensation, Shilpa Rao, in the 4th episode of this Season, is set to be aired on all leading television channels on September 03, while the episode has been released digitally on September 02.

At the age of 21, Rao gave her first Bollywood hit ‘Tose Naina Lagay’ which was well received by audiences across the subcontinent. She has hits like Khuda Jaane, Subhanallah, Malang, and Meherbaan to her credit as well. Talking about her Coke Studio performance Rao said, “Par Chanaa De is a very beautiful song. It is literally a theatrical saga because the song has emotion, anxiousness, longing to meet your loved one and hope. It’s a folk song and the words are very hard hitting.”

Rao has also performed on Coke Studio India, and talking about her experience with the platform she said, “It’s one place where I think all the musicians are in an environment,and where they have their instruments, space and the freedom to choose anything and convey it to the people in their own style. And that is powerful! I think it’s a great place and we are fortunate enough to be here.”

The Episode will be featuring 4 songs, including ‘Ala Baali’ by Nirmal Roy and Jabbar Abbas, ‘Aaya Laariye’ by Meesha Shafi and Naeem Abbas Rufi, ‘Uddi Ja’ by Mohsin Abbas Haider and ‘Paar Chanaa De’ by Shilpa Rao and Noori.

‘Uddi Ja’, marks the debut of Mohsin Abbas Haider on Coke Studio, playing to the strength of the lyrics penned by himself, and easily settling into the euphoric atmosphere of the music directed by Jaffer Zaidi. In a mesmerizing song, originally composed by Mohsin, his vocals drift on the surface of the melody, whilst the undertones of the Qawwali part conjure layers of emotions that hold on to the listener. Maintaining the soul of the melody, the intimate setting of the music reflects the traditional feel of the instrumentation played at shrines.

‘Ala Baali’ – literally translated from Arabic means ‘you’re on my mind’ – and this track is exactly that: infectious, fun and addictive. A multilingual love anthem, penned by Shakeel Sohail, it captures the sentiments lyrically in Urdu, Arabic and Punjabi. The powerful drive throughout the song rests on an Arabic beat and a Persian rhythm to build a momentum; the track composed by Shiraz Uppal is underlined with energy, featuring plenty of grooves that come together to form the perfect platform for Nirmal and Jabar’s layered vocals, complementing one another naturally.

The third song, with its soulful indie-rock feel, ‘Paar Chanaa De’ is a grand duet of music directors Noori featuring Shilpa Rao. An oral tradition passed on to the brother duo by their grandparents, it’s a song that they have considered as a family treasure since long. In the beginning few chords, the track establishes the earthy soul vibes that transcend in waves laden with a distinct melody and instrumentation. Noori and Shilpa Rao’s vocals, independently encapsulate the listener earnestly, as the soundscape further develops with Noor Zehra’s impeccable groove on the ‘Sagar Veena’. In an exhilarating performance, the track commands your attention ever so gently.  

The final song of Episode 4, ‘Aaya Laariye’, is an epic collaboration in an upbeat track,which showcases the dynamic vocal prowess of Meesha Shafi and Naeem Abbas Rufi. A perfectly mixed fusion of funk and rock that begins as a seemingly subdued ballad, it swiftly dissolves into a catchy tune comprising a traditional feel of a wedding song, dotted with slight experiments in a signature Coke Studio style. The recognizable vocals of the duo merge with lush harmonies and kicking drumbeats, as the house band adds an added punch to a song that radiates oomph throughout the duration of the track.  

Following on the momentum built up by the first 3 episodes, Episode 4 takes Season 9 of Coke Studio to an even higher level of excitement, creating great anticipation for the further episodes to come.



Recipe - Yummy Chicken Karahi

Photo: Oh Lady Mania

Karahi is a local term used for cooking utensil "wok". The traditional dish Karahi is a recipe that mostly cooked in a deep wok, hence the name has word 'Karahi' (wok) in the recipe.

Karahi can be made from beef, mutton, chicken, fish and prawns with the addition of yogurt, tomatoes and green chilies. It is an easy to make recipe with just few spices.

Let's check out our recipe of home made Chicken Karahi.


Chicken pieces 1 kg
Tomatoes 500 gms
Ginger Garlic Paste 2 tbsp
Red Chili powder 2 tsp
Turmeric powder 1/4 tsp
Salt as per taste
Fenugreek seeds 1/2 tsp
Yogurt 1/2 cup
Oil 1/2 cup
All Spice powder 1 tsp
Green Chilies 5
Coriander leaves for garnishing


Heat oil in a wok.
Add ginger garlic paste and fry it till aroma comes out.
Add chicken pieces in it and cook till colour changes.
When chicken meat changes its colour, add chopped tomatoes and cook well.
Also add salt, turmeric and red chili powder in it.
After tomatoes are cooked well, add yogurt and fenugreek seeds.
Let it cook till oil separates.
When oil separates, add green chilies and all spice powder.
Cover the wok and cook for a minute.
Remove from flame.
Dish out Chicken Karahi and garnish it with coriander leaves and ginger thin stripes.
Serve it with Chapati or rice.

If you like very spicy food, adjust the spices as per your taste.