CornettoPopRock (Season 1) Presents Jhoom By Zoe Viccaji & Umair Jaswal


CornettoPopRock proudly launches the first of six music videos nation-wide with a phenomenal duet of Pakistan’s dynamic duo Zoe Viccaji and Umair Jaswal.

This is the first time Umair Jaswal and Zoe Viccaji have produced an original duet together. The catchy song ‘Jhoom’ is written and composed by Zohaib Kazi and shot in the beautiful landscapes of Pakistan.

Amaan Ahmed from Uncut studios brings the song and video together by beautifully capturing the scenic journey. Beenish Pervaz and Aamna Aqueel do the rock star yet simplistic styling and wardrobe respectively. The concept of the video may have been brewed by BB Events & PR and Empact Activations but beautifully brought to life by the directorial team at Uncut Studios.

Jhoom begins with Umair and Zoe driving down to some beautiful landscapes followed by them crashing a beach party. The music video truly showcases Pakistan in the most positive light.

Umair Jaswal has taken the media by storm after his hit number ‘Sammi Meri Waar’  he also debuted in the new drama serial Mor Mahal and now this fantastic duet with Zoe Viccaji for CornettoPopRock.

Zoe Viccaji is yet another youthful icon that instantly shot to fame for a jazzy and pop beats. Zoe Viccaji comments on ‘Jhoom’,

 “Even though it was scorching hot I really enjoyed the experience, especially driving around in the vintage MG convertible.”

The director of the videos Amaan Ahmed comments, “ The video is full of adventure. It was fun shooting in Baluchistan and adding colorful footprint to the pristine locations.”

CornettoPopRock is a national music platform that aims to revive the pop rock culture in Pakistan. The platform touches many avenues for music lovers including; hosting a series of concerts and auditions in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, releasing 6 music videos/songs comprising of duets and solos, providing a platform for new singers, encouraging young bloggers and photographers and most of all igniting the patriotic bone. The platform is the brainchild of Empact Activations & BB Events & PR.

The Season 1 line up includes maestros of the music fraternity such as Ali Azmat, Komal Rizvi, Noori, , Umair Jaswal, Qurram Hussain, Zoe Viccaji, Quratulain Baloch and the international sensation Ali Zafar.



Event - CORNETTO POP ROCK (Series of Concerts)

BB Events & PR & Empact Activations hosted the grand and majestic finale of the national series of concerts for Cornetto Pop Rock.

 Six music videos will ignite the fans of Pop and Rock all over the world. The Finale concert hosted over 5,000 students from all over Islamabad who witnessed history in the making.

The star-studded line up kept the audience roaring for 3.5 hours at a stretch. Anoushey Ashraf started the show with the Islamabad auditions winner, Sami Qureshi (from AIR University), followed by rocking performances by Zoe Viccaji, Umair Jaswal , Noori and Ali Azmat. If that’s not enough, Cornetto Pop Rock showcased a one-of-a-kind light show that has only been witnessed in international concerts aboard.

The biggest surprise of this star studded night was, the very popular Quratulain Baloch joining Noori on stage to unveil their QB’s  solo track for Corentto Pop Rock. 

Cornetto Pop Rock showcased 4 brand new tracks at this concert. Two solos by Noori, and Ali Azmat and two duets of ‘Umair Jaswal and Zoe Viccaji’ & ‘Ali Azmat and Noori’. Never has Islamabad witnessed so much energy, enthusiasm and excitement! 

Cornetto Pop Rock is a series of concerts that will take place once a year in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad specifically for university students. This year the concerts were held on:

·         Karachi – 15st April 2016
·         Lahore – 06th May 2016
·         Islamabad – 21st  May 2016

The concept behind this platform is to revive the pop & rock culture among the youth. The 2016 line up of performers includes maestros of the music fraternity such as Ali Azmat, Komal Rizvi, Noori, Umair Jaswal, Quratulain Baloch & Zoe Viccaji.

There will also be two specular wild card performances by Q from JoSh and the Pakistani superstar Ali Zafar.

The daring playfulness of Cornetto provides the young adults of Pakistan a much-needed platform to express their feelings and passions. Music is a form of art that gives expression to what cannot be put into words, as well as what cannot remain silent. Cornetto has been associated with promoting young local talent since 2008 when it partnered with leading bands to release songs, followed by Cornetto Music Icons and very recently, the much celebrated film Karachi Se Lahore.

Given the brand’s historic association with the music scenario in Pakistan, it is proud to announce Cornetto Pop Rock for the youth of the country, a platform dedicated to reviving music in Pakistan, armored with an ensemble cast of artistes unlike any other. Towards this end, university students who are also music enthusiasts looking for their big break will be taken under the mentorship of renowned music icons of the country and will be provided a chance to not only learn from them but also play with them.

Cornetto pop rock is set to release 6 Music Videos in May/June/July 2016 which includes three duets and three singles by Pakistan’s biggest pop and rock idols. The duets include, for the first time ever the two rock legends Ali Azmat and Noori, the first international collaboration of Q from JoSh and Komal Rizvi, and the much-awaited Umair Jaswal and Zoe Viccaji. The singles will include songs by Ali Azmat, Noori and Quratulain Baloch.  The six music videos are conceptualized by Empact Activations and BB Events & PR and will be directed by the one and only Amaan Ahmed from Uncut Studios.

Cornetto pop rock will not only be showcasing the POP-ROCK culture through its music talent but also styling by Pakistan’s most renowned designers. The panel of designers includes Nomi Ansari, Deepak Perwani, Munib Nawaz, and Aamna Aqueel, with make up by celebrity stylist Beenish Pervaiz in Karachi and Juju from Tony n Guy in Lahore.

Cornetto pop rock opened its doors to university bands by providing them a larger then life opportunity to open shows in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Auditions for the bands were held in three cities; only to choose the most deserving talent to open the cornetto pop rock concerts. These university bands will be given the opportunity to share the stage with Pakistani legends and showcase their talent.

Pop Rock Generation wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the dynamic Mr Asad Malik (senior brand manager- Cornetto) who had the following to say on the occasion:

“Cornetto is a brand that believes in helping youth express themselves.  The most genuine form of this expression manifests itself through art forms – be it music, films, or other crafts. This year we have developed a very unique ‘pop rock’ platform which aims to rekindle the passion of music in colleges across Pakistan by combining the talents of some of the biggest musical stars of the country and giving college bands a chance to rub shoulders with them.”   

 For details v
isit Cornetto Cupidity 



The Launch Of Vintage Galleria Interiors

Photo: Edited by Oh Lady Mania!

Vintage Galleria is one of a kind interior design store that will uplift the design concepts in the country. The newly launched outlet has a classical interior pieces with a modern touch. 

The attractive furniture is mostly made of rosewood with an intricate vintage carvings; the dark polish, solid timber, genuine leather finishing and hand-painted parts add delicate uniqueness to it.

The store has been recently opened its doors to Karachiites on May 14, 2016. Many celebrities and socialites such as Komal Rizvi, Yousuf Nashir Qureshi, Kiran Khan, Rubab Usman, Asad Zaman, Zurain Imam, Amir Baig, Farouq Mengal, Minhal Aly, Nazneen Tariq, Ghazala Humayoun, Humayoun Alamgir, Shanaz Ramzi, Danish Wakeel, Fatima Syed, Anila Murtaza, Rafia Rafeeq, Aisha Khan, Abdul Sammad, Shazia Wajahat and Mrs Faysal Qureshi attended the launching ceremony. The Event & PR was handled by Hasan Rizvi from BB Events & PR.

Mrs. Anum Kasim, the CEO of Vintage Galleria shared some of tips with us about interior designing of our homes,

“It is essential to know that a room and furniture is incomplete without beautiful accessories. It gives life to your room and enhances the look of each furniture piece. Just like Wall paint lights and flooring, accessories are the key that gives the finish touch to a room. It explains your style and concept.”

Anum Kasim, CEO of Vintage Galleria 

Being a big fan of design houses like Clive Christian Interiors, Eichholts and Ralph Lauren, Kasim brings special attention to detailing in her all designs. Her inspiration of the vintage European era is reflected in the Plaster of Paris wall paneling, decorative moldings, ceilings, finely crafted wooden panels and boiserie.



Vintage Galleria Interiors - The Grand Opening


Vintage Galleria will open its doors to a one-of–a kind interior design store in Karachi on 14th of May, that promises to raise the bar of furnishing in Pakistan, providing cutting-edge vintage elements as never seen before.

The inspiration of its CEO Mrs Anum Kasim, the outlet has a vintage European era feel to it as reflected not only in the furniture but also in the plaster of paris wall paneling, decorative moldings, and ceiling of the gallery.

The event will be well-attended by socialites and celebrities as well as the media who hopefully will the appreciate the state-of-the art designs and immaculate finishing.

 Speaking on the occasion Kasim explains,

“It is essential to know that a room and furniture is incomplete without beautiful accessories. It gives life to your room and enhances the look of each furniture piece. Just like wall paint, lights and flooring, accessories are the key that gives the finishing touch to a room. It explains your style and concept.”

Not surprisingly, this belief is reflected in the attention to detail that Kasim brings to all her pieces.

Boasting classic interior design with a twist of modern elements the unique pieces on display are made of rosewood with intricate vintage carvings.

The rich, shaded polish, solid timber and genuine leather finishing as well the hand-painted pieces that the collection offers makes them stand out from the milieu normally seen.


Bridal Couture Week: The Gold Edition 2016 - Day 3


Sultana Siddiqui President Hum Network 

Pakistan witnessed one of the most anticipated fashion shows, Bridal Couture Week – The Gold Edition. The dynamic team at Hum Network managed the mega fashion event. As always Bridal Couture Week left its audience stunned with its majestic stage, uniquely set for a one of kind fashion show. Much like every year Bridal Couture Week showcases not only some of the biggest designers but also welcomes the aspiring designers with great talent both domestically and internationally.

For the details of BCWGold Day 2, please click here

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The 3rd Day showcased a fantastic line up of designers starting with Nickie Nina, Rang Ja, Emraan Rajput, Aisha Imran, Asifa & Nabeel, Amir Adnan, Sonya Batla and the Grand Couturiers. The Grand Courtiers included Zara Shahjehan, Kamiar Rokni, Shamael Ansari, Shehrazad, Sania & Umair, Nida Azwer, Umer Sayeed and Elaan.

BCW had some of the biggest super models participate this year from the likes of Nadia Hussain, Sunita Marshal, Fouzai Aman, Areeba Habib, Cybil Chaudry, Nooray Bhatti, Rizwan Ali, Abbas Jafffery, Omer Shehzad amongst even some internally acclaimed models.

 BCW known for its stars, hosted an amazing line up of showstoppers; Zahid Ahmed, Yasir Mazhar, Agha Ali and Sammi Khan walked the ramp for Emraan Rajpoot while Sana Javed walked the stage for Asifa and Nabeel and Junaid Khan walked the ramp for Rang Ja. Amir Adnan had an ensemble of superstars including Azfar Rehman, Irfan Khan, George Fulton, Noor Hassan, Fahad Mirza, Aijaz Aslam, Wiqar Ali Khan, Moamer Rana, Shehzad Shiekh, Ali Safina, Javaid Shiekh, Ahsan Khan, Adnan Siddiqui, Sarwat Gillani, Hira Tareen, Fia Khan and Eshal. Sonya Batlya Humayoun Sayeed, Sohai Ali Abro, Dr. Jawwad and Mussarat Misbah closed the show for Sonya Batla.

Hair & make up was handled by the team at Nabilas and N-Gents while the choreography and event direction was beautifully executed by Ketan Bhatia and jewelry by Hamna Amir.

 The PR was handled by Hasan Rizvi from BodyBeat Events & PR as well as the PR department at Hum Network. The official photographers are Haris Usmani, Ahsan Qureshi, and Kashif Rashid.


Bridal Couture Week is one the highest profile fashion events to hit the nation. BCW enjoys the privilege of hosting bridal weeks in both Karachi and Lahore every year. Sultana Siddiqui (President Hum Network) comments on BCW, “It has always been our core objective to highlight the positive attributes of Pakistan. With the participation of the fashion pioneers and so much immense talent platforms like BCW are the future."


Nickie Nina:

The collection incorporates the signature style of NickieNina, the versatility of which weaves into the workmanship. A vast range of techniques, fabrics and colors are all aligned in the form of a dialogue. Silk, jamawar, organza and velvets have been joined with thread and zardozi.  They have used traditional techniques such as zari work, balochi taankas and resham work, fused with modern techniques like crystal work. This amalgamation of traditional with the modern can also be seen in their color palette, where they have used conventional reds and maroons and also a range of modern pastels.

Mela by RangJa:

 RangJa brings you a wardrobe full of exquisite patterns and a bold look with a power dose of colour. The collection "MELA" is a perfect amalgamation of fun and vibrant tones, ethnic cuts and exuberant styles depicting the festive celebration with its perfect sense of enthusiasm and excitement.

The Royal Raj by Emraan Rajput: 

Emraan Rajput presents "The Royal Raj". With his new collection he aims to bring the royalty back in bridal menswear. The collection is an embodiment of eastern luxury featuring motifs from the Mughal Era. Emraan Rajput has tapped into the royal history of the sub-continent and brought back the silhouette that compliments the royal event that a wedding is supposed to be. The Emraan Rajput groom exudes luxury but at the same time sticks to his eastern roots, so the result is a representation of the eastern aesthetic at its best.

Aisha Imran:

 The collection for BCW is unique down to the smallest details from an electric mix of handicraft lehngas, ghararas and full gowns to eastern silhouettes that truly represent our culture and eastern traditions. The palette is inspired by the festive colours to adhere to all sorts of aesthetic needs of potential consumers."My work celebrates a woman’s grace and persona offering premium, stylish and on trend options for every occasion and lifestyle"

Lavender fields by Asifa & Nabeel: 

Asifa & Nabeel’s Collection named “Lavender fields” draws inspiration from the beautiful lavender, tracing it from John Knight’s poem. The collection showcases the romance of pale bluish-purple hue and the fragile slender form of lavendula.

Ceremony Collection by Amir Adnan: 

Representing threads of history and monarchy, Amir Adnan is showcasing his “Ceremony Collection” at Bridal Couture Week 2016. The collection encapsulates statement jackets and sherwanis paired with Jodhpur-eque pajamas and gathered, tucked and rumpled luxurious shalwars. The collection is a tasteful ode to classical tailoring and royal romance that is communicated through its bright game of tones. Amir Adnan's collection is sure to set the stage ablaze with extravagant yet trendy pieces made with intricate gold embroidery and bold baroque style."


 As a final flourish to celebrate the most prominent designers of our industry, we are paying a special tribute to a handful of senior designers who are showcasing two definitive ensembles each in a special cameo display. Elan, Nida Azwer, Sania Maskatiya, Shamaeel Ansari, Sherezad, The House of Kamiar Rokni, Umar Sayeed and Zara Shahjahan.

Sonya Batla: 

The Sonya Battla Label is known for its intricate hand worked embellishments and pure simplistic design silhouettes. In their debut collection for BCW, they are celebrating feminism and its delicate nuances. Executed in chiffon, silk, nets and jamawar, it is fusion couture meets bridal, east meets west line. 


Bridal Couture Week – The Gold Edition is co-sponsored by Nestle Everyday, associate sponsor TUC, refreshed by Pepsi Co., supporting sponsor Cake Rusk, fragrance partner J., transport partner Careem, Food Partner Pizza Hut, Make Up partner No Make Up by Nabilas and official radio partner FM106.2.