Oh Lady Mania's Shopping


Hello everyone, how was your weekend? I hope you enjoyed it well. For me, this weekend was a little bit busy as I have to attend a lunch and then I went for a get-together, In the meantime I also went for shopping and bought some stuff.

We, me and my sister went to Dolmen Mall Clifton,. There were lot of people in its food court area and it was really very hard to find a table to enjoy our meal. However, we were lucky enough to have one in a corner and enjoyed burgers with fries and juice.

Afterwards we roamed around the goody good outlets. As you know it is high-time for buyers who are interested in sale offers. So, women were pouring in and out of the outlets with lots of bags. We also checked different brands and multi-brand stores and bought some stuff for ourselves. Its really difficult to post each and every thing here but I am going to share few things that I bought from there.

Photo: Oh, Lady Mania!
Photo: Nishat Linen 
Nishat Linen, the famous women clothing brand, offered interesting and affordable discounted prices. There was a variety of stitched shirts which were lovely. I bought a Nishat Linen Pret shirt in pink color without any embroidery. It has plain sleeves in a slightly darker tone. Shirt's front has printed peacock motif. I am in love with my new shirt.

The colors in my captured photo are slightly on dull side, but you can see the original colours in the second photo which I have posted here from Nishat Linen's site. The colour combination is its real attraction.

Photo: Oh, Lady Mania!

At The Working Women, my sister bought a suit for herself. It is a plain two piece suit (shirt and trouser) with maroon and beige embroidery work on neckline.

Khaadi print. Photo: Oh, Lady Mania!

We also went to Khaadi. As usual there was a great rush, women were busy in selecting an array of cloths. I selected a stitched khaddar suit for myself but unfortunately it wasn't available in my size so I opted for a shirt fabric. It has two different colors, the front base is in light greenish shade with fuchsia and orange printed border. While the back and sleeves are in a very light brownish print.

Overall, we really enjoyed this trip and will go for further shopping in next few days.


MAC Liquid Make-up: 2 Perfect Lipstick and Lipgloss

Photo: Oh, Lady Mania!
Hello everyone, Happy New Year and Happy Winter Season to all of you. My first shopping of 2016 is comprised of some warm clothing and new make-up shades for cold and dry season. Today I will share my experience of MAC Liquid Make-up with you.

Lets see what I have found in this product:

The MAC Liquid Make-up: 2 Perfect Lipstick and Lipgloss is an amazing product with dual option of lipstick and lip gloss in one single cylindrical style - the one end has a bullet shape lipstick and the other has lipgloss.

It comes in a variety of colors that makes it easy for you to choose from an array of light and dark shades.


Applying this product on your lips seems pretty easy as direct application of the lipstick gives a smooth, shiny and full shade coverage in one single go. If you have a habit of applying lipstick with the help of a lipstick brush, MAC Liquid make-up will give you same even charming results with or without brush. Its lip gloss further enhances the effect of lipstick shade by giving it more lustrous and shinny look. The single coat of glittery lip-gloss makes your lipstick one shade darker in color tone that remains as it is for at least 4-6 hours.

My Verdict:

The availability of lipstick and matching lipgloss in one single compact shape is easy to carry in small hand bags or clutches. The color tone of both lipstick and lipgloss gives you an almost the same richer look that you witness when the product is on the shelf.


It is easily available as a drugstore cosmetic and can be ordered online for your convenience. It is easily affordable as the price is almost same everywhere.

My Rating:

I would rate it 4/5.