Servis Tyres Launches Its New Ad Campaign

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Servis Tyres TVC ‘Chalti Rahay Zindagi’ featuring Shaan, Danish Taimoor and Hamza Ali Abbasi

The brand Servis Tyres is a premium name in motorcycle Tyres and Tubes in Pakistan. It continues to innovate new tyre designs on regular basis. With a diverse portfolio of products, the company caters to all customers segments, be it an OEM, replacement market or an export customer. 

Servis Tyres, the trusted market leaders, has recently launched its new campaign with a star studded commercial. 

Servis Tyres left a trail of success with its previous TVC starring Shaan and took the challenge of penetrating in the market with effective advertising. The past TVC gave a massive uplift to the brand setting the bar high for any new communication to follow. 

A still from the new TVC of ServisTyre featuring Shaan Shahid, Hamza Ali Abbasi & Danish Taimoor

The concept of the new TVC of Servis tyres is inspired by the youth of today who are passionate about living life to its fullest. A life which is cultivated with friendship, love and adrenaline rush. They are the ones who experience life.

Depicting this youth, the idea is a song showing young bikers as they live a side of life that everyone would always wish for.

The New TVC Of Servis Tyres 

‘Chalti Rahay Zindagi’ showcases three friends as they set on a dream road trip.  What makes it even better is the stardom seen in this commercial. Superstars like Shaan Shahid, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Danish Taimoor have changed the face of the TVC with their very cool biker getup as they ride across different terrains on heavy bikes. 

Keeping the TVC very relatable to the audience, we see the group of friends in different locations while experiencing all the excitement that life has to offer. 

A Still from Servis Tyre TVC

Thinking of exploring Pakistan with friends ? Use ServisTyre  for a comfy road trip!

Servis Tyres‬ unveils its new TVC‬ featuring Pakistan‬'s stylish superstar‬‪ ShaanShahid‬

While the encapsulating words draw the attention, the composition takes the listener to another world.  With the background score sung by Ali Zafar, his vocals have surely done justice to the complete look & feel of the TVC.

By all means, this TVC will surely grip the viewers’ attention and will remain a highlight for many years to come.

Superstars Shaan Shahid In Servis Tyres TVC 



Event - Bridal Couture Week Gold Edition 2016


Produced by HUM Network Limited, the Bridal Couture Week is Pakistan’s most admired bridal fashion show that has become a highly appreciated platform for all the well known as well as aspiring fashion designers of the country.  

Bridal Couture Week is not only a ramp for designers to showcase their latest creations but also a great opportunity for them to interact with potential buyers and consumers at local as well as international level.

BCW Gold Edition 2016 will be held in Karachi from 6th to 8th May 2016. The official media partner of this grand event is HUM Sitaray, while the The Body Beat Events & PR is doing the official PR. The make-up and styling for the event will be done by Nabila.

Let’s check out the designers who are going to showcase their exclusive concepts and designs in upcoming Bridal Couture Week – Gold Edition 2016.



Review - English Boot House Slide-In Slipper

Photo: Oh, Lady Mania!

With the arrival of hot weather, it is necessary to have pairs of comfortable sandals, flats, traditional handmade chappals and slide-in slippers. We, both sisters, love to wear sandals and slippers for summer season. Today we will share our experience of brand English Boot House's Slide-In Slipper. BTW we also want to thanks EBH for this lovely design. 

The Brand Claims:

English Boot House - EBH has a history of 62 years of shoe-making. The brand EBH offers a huge variety of footwear, leather goods and accessories for both women and men. 


Sisters usually share each other's stuff for example shoes, it's always fun to wear and enjoy your sister's clothes or shoes. Unfortunately, we both sisters cannot enjoy this sisterly affection, the reason is very simple... our shoe size and cloth measurements differ a lot. So, we always have diverse collections. 

Photo: Oh, Lady Mania!

So, in this post, we will talk about EBH slippers. Here, I am sharing the experience of my Maroon Slide-In slipper, while my sister will share her review in an another post. 

This Maroon Slide-In Slipper is made of Rexene with PVC trim and PU sole. It has golden metal embellishment. I like it very much due to its light weight and good grip. 

Photo: Oh, Lady Mania!

It attracted me due to its subtle color because this Maroon color is not very much bright and shiny, it can be a perfect match for any dress irrespective of its color. The metal design is very simple yet an attractive one. It has no usual golden flower or stone studded design or even a bow.

I found it very comfortable in hot and humid weather. Because of its soft material, I am using it very roughly in my home and can say that it is very durable. 


I would give this slipper 4.5 out of 5



Movie Review - Shah Rukh Khan as "FAN"

Photo: WEB

It has been seven days since Bollywood movie Fan is making headlines. It may be the story or the acting of the lead actor or the crisp chases, Fan touched the hearts of Shah Rukh Khan’s fans and boiled the blood of his haters.

It is a story of a young boy Gaurav who loves to act in local acting contest “Superstar Sitara Competition” and dreams to make it big like his idol superstar Aryaan Khanna. Gaurav is a lookalike of Aryan and that’s why he calls himself Junior and loves to refer Aryaan as Senior. After winning the Sitara competition, he went to Mumbai to meet his most favourite Iconic actor. Unfortunately, he failed in his attempt to see his Senior.

In quest to attract Aryaan’s attention, Gaurav did some nasty as well as illegal activity. His attempt became successful when Aryaan took notice of all the mess that he created to attract the famous celebrity.

Gaurav was surprised when Aryaan disliked his fandom and from this point onwards, Junior started planning messy things against Senior.

photo: web

Both characters of Gaurav and Aryaan are being played by the heartthrob of Bollywood “Shah Rukh Khan”. Bollywood viewers are well aware of his acting skills, but the way SRK played the double role of an obsessed fan and a huge film star showed his level of brilliance and perfection.

SRK compelled us to believe the innocence and the cunning side of Gaurav, at the same time, he gained our sympathies for 48 years old Aryaan. The level of SRK’s acting confuses his viewers throughout the film. In few scenes, people love to support Gaurav, but in next few scenes they understand Aryaan’s feelings and want to defend him.

photo web

As a director, Maneesh Sharma did a good job by taking the full advantage of SRK in a double role and the services of makeup artist Greg Cannom, but failed to impress the audience through his thrilling story. He added unnecessary action sequences, pointless chases in an overly stretched storyline.

Watch only if you want to enjoy SRK’s outstanding performance and exotic locations with lots of action sequences, otherwise you will be disappointed due to its average predictable plot.


We think that 2.5 out of 5 will be enough for this FAN.



Review - Big Thick Burgerz Offers Charcoal Grilled Burgers

Big Thick Burgers Photo: Oh, Lady Mania

It is impossible to find a person who doesn't like burgers, but the real question is to find the right place, the right combination of ingredients and meat to entice our taste buds as well as a good customer service. 

Recently, we tried the Texan Style, only in beef, burger by the Big Thick Burgerz. Today, we are going to share our experience of these tasty burgers with all of you.

Photo: Oh, Lady Mania

Big Thick Burgerz offers perfectly charcoal grilled burgers. The BTB brand claims to use freshly minced meat, less oil, fresh iceberg along with other vegetables including tomatoes,onions and herbs. Each hand-made beef or chicken patty has very different taste because of its unique ingredients.

We discovered about BTB through internet. The name and photos were attractive but one can't say much about food merely based on colorful photos. So, we decided to try it and preferred to order our burgers online. 

We selected the Texan Style, which is a very distinctive burger that would remind you of a typical American taste. It has beef patty with lots of BBQ sauce, jalapenos and melted cheddar cheese. 

Photo: Oh, Lady Mania

Our order arrived in a very neat foam box packaging, as there were no signs of excessive oil. Each burger was carefully wrapped in a grease free paper.

At first glance, we noticed the freshness of the buns. They were neither cracked nor soggy. The size of the burger was good and pretty enough for a single person.

Photo: Oh, Lady Mania
Upon lifting the top bun, there were layers of fresh tomatoes, onions, iceberg, beef bacon jalapenos with Mayo Sidney sauce and melted cheddar cheese. It was enough to further accelerate our hunger.

Photo: Oh, Lady Mania

The handmade beef patty was juicy as well as succulent with a strong charcoal grilling flavor which was a true delight to eat. The meat portion was perfectly grilled and seasoned with balanced spices. There was no smell or strong flavor of any single ingredient.

The overall combination of vegetables, sauce, meat and soft fresh buns left a unique feeling to remember the taste and texture of Texan Style for many days.

The idea of “Big Thick Burgerz – charcoal grilled to perfection” is something that makes them distinctive in their style and unique taste. 


We would love to rate it 4.5 / 5 stars.

Will we try it again?

 Most definitely Yes!


Texan Style (Beef Only) – Small Regular Rs 390

Texan Style (Beef Only) – Large Rs 510


Dine – In: Phase 7 – DHA Karachi

It also offers on-line services.

Official Facebook page: BigThickBurgerz



The Liebster Award


Recently, a very dear, sweet and talented fellow blogger Vildana Suta, owner of the beautiful and well written blog Living Like V nominated our blog for The Liebster Award. Thank you so much Vildana for this nomination.

Vildana's Living Like V is a wonderful blog where you can find interesting reviews, hauls, DIY and her thoughts on various subjects. You should check out her blog posts and we are sure you will love to read them.

Some Questions For Us:

Let's start answering Vildana's questions before posting our questions and rules for next nominated bloggers.

1. When did you start your blog and what was the reason of starting your blog?

A - Oh Lady Mania was started back in 2012 but due to some reasons we were not able to continue it. In mid 2015 we re-started blogging. The  reason behind our blog was to share good content and events with our readers.

2. Have you ever met someone famous and who was that?

A - Yes, we have met famous cricketers and local artists including film, T.V, musicians, and Fine artists.

3. What do you think was the happiest moment of your life?

A - There are numerous, very difficult to pick only one. However, it was the happiest time of our life when we went for family holidays to hill station.

4. Your favorite childhood memory?

A - Learning cycling is the loveliest childhood memory.

5. The song that explains your mood now? 

A - Connecting mood with a song is not an easy thing, however, Ellie Goulding's Love Me Like You Do is a beautiful song that anyone can enjoy. 

6. Your favorite jewelry piece?

A - Rings, Anklet and chains

7. Nike or Adidas?

A - Nike

8. Are you more like sporty or elegant girl?

A - Let's say elegant :P

9. Do you have any enemies?

A - Not enemies but jealous people are everywhere.   

10. Have you got any haters of your blogs?

A - Radar is still on :D

11. Do you have a name for your blogger readers/ fans?

A - Sweet virtual friends who are the support pillar of our blog. 

For Nominees:

Dear nominees, to accept your Liebster Award you should thank the Liebster blog presenter who nominated you and link back to their blog.

Okay, now we would like to set some rules for the our nominated bloggers. 

Here are the rules you have to follow:

1 - Show your gratitude towards the bog that has nominated you and link back to that blog in your post. 

2 - Answer the 11 questions posted for you by that blog.

3 - Nominate 10 new bloggers in your post.

4 - Ask 10 unique questions to new bloggers.

5 - Inform them by commenting your post link in their comment section. 

Questions For Nominees:

Here are our questions for the nominated bloggers:

1- What is blogging for you? Passion or hobby?
2- What is your most favorite topic for blog post?
3- Tell us two rules that you follow for blogging?
4- Are you happy with the response you are getting from your followers?
5- Is there anything that can stop you from blogging?
6- What is your favorite Ice cream flavor?
7- Tell us your two most favorite hair styles?
8- What are you reading these days?
9- What do you love to do in your pass time?
10- Pick one: Deadpool, The Choice, Batman vs Superman?
11- Define beauty of nature in two words?

Our 11 nominees include:

Savory Warriors
Geri Diaries
Ale's Pink Fairy Tale
My Glam Pond
Say Cintya
Sen Yokken Kac Kez Kirmizi Ruj Surdum
Stalia Is Bae
In Fashion Chains
My Space of Beauty by Giada

Best Wishes from our side for all of you.



Ozspecials.com: Buy as low as $1 USD and No More Than $9.99 USD

Everyone desires to buy latest trendy dresses and other fashion accessories in affordable prices. For this purpose we all search every nook and corner of shopping Malls, weekly bazaars and even wait months to get desired outfits and accessories at the sale and discounted prices. However, most of the times when one goes after cheap price tags the quality suffer a lot.

Today, we will share a great solution for this global problem. There will be no further need to hunt every corner of shopping centres or wait several months just to get a perfect dress within a very affordable price.

Ozspecials.com is a wonderful place to fulfill your dream of getting cloths at reasonable price. Let’s see what Ozspecials.com claims to offer to its worldwide customers.

Ozspecials.com Claims:

Ozspecials.com is a fashion on-line store based in China. It collects all kinds of products from Chinese factories and sells them at factory price, as low as $1 USD and no more than $9.99 USD.
It offers free shipping to most countries.

Ozspecials.com products include a vast variety of Men and Women clothing such as Tops, T-shirts, Blouses, Skirts, Jeans, Jackets, Blazers, Hoodies, Pants, Capris, Cardigans, Pullovers and many many more.

Other than clothing, Ozspecials.com also offers a wide range of Fashion accessories, Beauty products, Jewelry and Shoes.

The Jewelry items include Necklaces & Pendants, Earrings, Rings, Bracelets & Bangles, Jewelry Sets, Wedding & Engagement Jewelry, Bridal Jewelry Sets, Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, and Fine Jewelry.

The Shoes category includes all trendy Men and Women Casual Shoes, Women's Pumps, Women's Boots, Women's Sandals, Women' and Men's Flats, Men's Boots, 

The other various categories include a huge variety of Women's Bags, Men's Bags, Backpacks, Luggage & Travel Bags, Watch Accessories, Women's Bracelet Watches, Mother & Kid accessories, Phone accessories etc.

The section of Health & Beauty offers Hair Extensions & Wigs, Nails & Tools, Makeup, Health Care, Skin Care, Hair Care & Styling, Shaving & Beauty Essentials, Tattoo & Body Art, Bath & Shower, Fragrances & Deodorants, and many other accessories. 

Some Of The Ozspecials.Com Chic Dresses:

Print Casual Vintage Female Beach Vestidos de Festa Women Dress
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Ladies Summer Fashion classy Sleeveless Strap Sexy Chiffon
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Women Hole Pleated Printed Pants
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Women's high Waist Pleated Mini Skirts
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For more variety and to order visit website: ozspecials.com

Official Facebook page: /ozspecials/


For PR policy and Disclaimer please visit here  


Review - MAYBELLINE Volum' Express The Rocket Mascara

Photo: Oh, Lady Mania!

The neatly well coated eye-lashes are pretty essential to enhance the over all look of a beautifully done eye make-up because a good mascara gives an illusion of dark and thick lush lashes.

To find a perfect mascara is a daunting task, because the market shelves are full of a vast variety of mascaras with an array of promises. Mostly these are hollow promises as the products do not fulfill the dream of dark, lengthy and thick lashes. Some mascaras give too much clumpy look and some tend to smudge in hot and humid weather.

Recently, we tried MAYBELLINE Volum' Express Rocket mascara which promises to give best results.

Let's see how this mascara fulfilled its promises.

Photo: Oh, Lady Mania!
The Brand Claims:

The Volum' Express Rocket Mascara by Maybelline claims to give most explosive, beautiful lashes ever! Its Supersonic Brush with micro bristles loads on big, sleek volume instantly.

The Fast Glide formula keeps lashes smooth. 
8X Bigger. Smoother. Even. Zero Clumps!

Our Verdict:

The well-defined brush with micro bristles is quite extended which gives a noticeable change without any clumps. The consistency is neither too thick nor too thin but it do provides a good coating. It gives volume and length when applied to bare lashes.

The single coat added a moderate lash coverage without clumping. However, the double coat further added dimension to lashes with fuller effect. The second coat makes easier to comb through the clumps; at the same time adding extra thickness to the lashes.

Photo: Oh, Lady Mania!

When lightly applied to under-eye lashes, it enhanced the natural look. It would be better to avoid double coat or putting too much mascara (any mascara) on bottom lashes as it will only leave you with an artificial and scary look. 

In fact, this Maybelline mascara is a truly long-lasting and smudge free product even during high humidity. There is no need of lash curling. 

Due to its easy application, we can say that it is not a bad addition to ones’ mascara collection.


For the best results, apply the mascara brush against your lashes and just sweep it from the root to the tip of the lashes to get a clear voluminous look.

Photo: Oh, Lady Mania!

We would like to give it 3.5 to 4 out of 5 for its not-so-bad results and reasonable price. Would we like to buy it again? Yes!


The Maybelline cosmetics are available at all drug-stores as well as on-line.