The Liebster Award


Recently, a very dear, sweet and talented fellow blogger Vildana Suta, owner of the beautiful and well written blog Living Like V nominated our blog for The Liebster Award. Thank you so much Vildana for this nomination.

Vildana's Living Like V is a wonderful blog where you can find interesting reviews, hauls, DIY and her thoughts on various subjects. You should check out her blog posts and we are sure you will love to read them.

Some Questions For Us:

Let's start answering Vildana's questions before posting our questions and rules for next nominated bloggers.

1. When did you start your blog and what was the reason of starting your blog?

A - Oh Lady Mania was started back in 2012 but due to some reasons we were not able to continue it. In mid 2015 we re-started blogging. The  reason behind our blog was to share good content and events with our readers.

2. Have you ever met someone famous and who was that?

A - Yes, we have met famous cricketers and local artists including film, T.V, musicians, and Fine artists.

3. What do you think was the happiest moment of your life?

A - There are numerous, very difficult to pick only one. However, it was the happiest time of our life when we went for family holidays to hill station.

4. Your favorite childhood memory?

A - Learning cycling is the loveliest childhood memory.

5. The song that explains your mood now? 

A - Connecting mood with a song is not an easy thing, however, Ellie Goulding's Love Me Like You Do is a beautiful song that anyone can enjoy. 

6. Your favorite jewelry piece?

A - Rings, Anklet and chains

7. Nike or Adidas?

A - Nike

8. Are you more like sporty or elegant girl?

A - Let's say elegant :P

9. Do you have any enemies?

A - Not enemies but jealous people are everywhere.   

10. Have you got any haters of your blogs?

A - Radar is still on :D

11. Do you have a name for your blogger readers/ fans?

A - Sweet virtual friends who are the support pillar of our blog. 

For Nominees:

Dear nominees, to accept your Liebster Award you should thank the Liebster blog presenter who nominated you and link back to their blog.

Okay, now we would like to set some rules for the our nominated bloggers. 

Here are the rules you have to follow:

1 - Show your gratitude towards the bog that has nominated you and link back to that blog in your post. 

2 - Answer the 11 questions posted for you by that blog.

3 - Nominate 10 new bloggers in your post.

4 - Ask 10 unique questions to new bloggers.

5 - Inform them by commenting your post link in their comment section. 

Questions For Nominees:

Here are our questions for the nominated bloggers:

1- What is blogging for you? Passion or hobby?
2- What is your most favorite topic for blog post?
3- Tell us two rules that you follow for blogging?
4- Are you happy with the response you are getting from your followers?
5- Is there anything that can stop you from blogging?
6- What is your favorite Ice cream flavor?
7- Tell us your two most favorite hair styles?
8- What are you reading these days?
9- What do you love to do in your pass time?
10- Pick one: Deadpool, The Choice, Batman vs Superman?
11- Define beauty of nature in two words?

Our 11 nominees include:

Savory Warriors
Geri Diaries
Ale's Pink Fairy Tale
My Glam Pond
Say Cintya
Sen Yokken Kac Kez Kirmizi Ruj Surdum
Stalia Is Bae
In Fashion Chains
My Space of Beauty by Giada

Best Wishes from our side for all of you.



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