Review - Keep Your Brow Game Strong With All-In-One MM Brow Palette!


Are you looking for a best solution in a reasonable price for your eyebrows? Now tell me what will be your reaction if I tell you that I have found a great answer for your query?

Well, there are lot of options in beauty market. However, recently I came across a wonderful brow product or simply say remedy for eyebrows. The most important feature of this product is that it is suitable for all Asian skins particularly for us (Pakistanis). It is a small kit but with immense power to help you build flawless eyebrows.
I am talking about recently launched all-in-one MM Brow Palette by well-known beautician Masarrat Misbah, a celebrated figure in the beauty and fashion industry. She launched MM Makeup comprising of a wide range of cosmetics. The MM beauty products are well in demand among women of all ages.

The Brand claims that MM Makeup is a Halal Certified cosmetic line adhering to the in depth Halal standards for ingredients and manufacturing. Including good manufacturing practices and fair trade. MM Makeup does not test on animals.

I am a huge fan of her Silk Foundation because of its high quality and well suited tone and this is the main reason I tried her recently launched MM Eyebrow Palette. This palette’s shade range is fully capable of satisfying South Asian skin tones, and I know why it’s an absolutely a winner because it is developed to suit the local weather conditions such as hot and humidity summer season.

As I used it for whole day to know its staying power, I came with an answer that MM Brow Palette has long staying power; it maintains a natural look and wouldn’t leave you looking like a woman with unruly eyebrows. This is the quality of a winning product.

MM Brow Palette is lightweight and easily blend-able eyebrow palette to sculpt, fill, set, and well-define the eyebrows. The sleek kit is easy to carry in your handbag. It has three small segments, two pigmented shades and a brow setting wax that is easy to use to create a dramatic yet natural flawless look. It has a dual end spooli and eyebrow brush.

The application is pretty easy, can be followed in just couple of steps;

First you have to brush your eyebrows.

Now set your brows in place by using the wax portion.

Apply other two pigmented shades as per your choice with the help of mini brush.  

The light brown shade is for lighter skin tone while the darker one is for wheatish tones. The result is super amazing as it gives you desired very natural look in just few minutes.

So if you are willing to have bolder eyebrows, you would love this tiny kit. Highly recommended product from MM makeup range.



Review: "3 Bahadur - Rise Of The Warriors" Is Back In Full Form


Oscar winning filmmaker, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s 3 Bahadur set a new trend in Pakistan’s film industry by introducing animated stories. Recently, the Bahadur team is again here with the third and final part of the franchise, 3 Bahadur: Rise Of The Warriors.

The latest release marked the end of main characters Amna, Kamil and Saadi’s adventures who are living in an imaginary town, Roshan Basti. The all three characters have been given special powers by Deenu Chacha to keep the world save from all problems and evils.

In this new journey, the little girl and two boys are together against the evil powers of villains who are visiting earth with two superpowers named Babushka and Erma. The new visitor in their town, Erma is the warrior queen that brings enormous trouble for humans. In a parallel universe, Deenu Chacha finds Babushka starting chaos in Roshan Basti.  Watch the film to know the story details otherwise a little hint will spoil the adventure.

The latest part is written by Kamran Khan who also wrote the other two parts. Actress Mehwish Hayat and Nimra Bucha did voice-overs for Erma and Babushka while Behroze Sabzwari and Zuhab Khan as Saadi keep their presence as strong as they kept it in previous releases.

The television and radio’s famous name Khalid Malik lends his voice for the character of Khursheed. This is the second sequel featuring Malik as Khursheed. Sharing details about the role at the premier, Malik said, “My character is Khursheed and he runs a dhaaba. He’s a very down to earth humble man and also the father of Kami (one of the 3 Bahadurs).”

An animated film produced entirely in Pakistan, the 3 Bahadur’s all three parts have been appreciated by the audiences as they like Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s unique style. “It’s been great experience working with such a dedicated team and a committed team, it’s unique and it’s super special” further elaborated Malik about the experience of working with the team. 

The film has interesting story, just ignore the minor flaws and enjoy the brave little characters as well as the best animations in 3 Bahadur: Rise Of The Warriors. 

Rating: 3 out of 5.