Review - The Masarrat Misbah Silk Foundation Is For Everyone


Choosing the perfect foundation is not an easy task for any woman. It needs lot of consideration and complete knowledge of your own skin type and tone.

However, if I tell you that there is a foundation that is suitable for all skin types and is locally made while keeping in mind the requirements of local customers, what would be your reaction? Well, I know, you would scream that please tell us the name we want to give it a try. Right?

A couple of weeks back I checked the market for an appropriate foundation that wouldn’t cost me lot money as well as it should be in accordance to our environment, weather conditions, and skin tone. The shopkeepers showed me lot of imported and some locally made foundations. I checked each and every foundation, available in liquid, stick, semi-liquid form etc. Some were very expensive and some were affordable but their quality was a question mark.

Luckily, I came across a nice product that is not only locally made but also provides a wide range of shades to match the skin tone. Here, I am talking about Silk Foundation by beautician Masarrat Misbah.

Brand Claims:

The weightless liquid formula of MMSF "tunes in" to your skin's requirement. It controls oil where there is a shine and moisturizes skin where it's sparse. The MMSF is for a long wearing balanced look, with true coverage.

Who is this for?      
The Silk Foundation is for all skin kinds from normal to oily skin types. So, anyone who wants a pure natural looking finish, with all-day freshness can wear this for long hours.


The foundation is available in a transparent glass bottle with black pump and a light coloured cap. It is perfect for travelling. The pump setting on top helps you to take-out the quantity as per your need. The details are written on outer box packaging and at the bottom of the glass bottle.

Our Verdict:

The Silk Foundation by Masarrat Misbah is literally a lightweight formula with slightly thickish consistency. The consistency helps you to hide any blemishes or uneven skin tone easily. The first thing we noticed about this foundation is that it becomes swiftly; it means that one has to be quick in applying the foundation and speedy blending.

The second thing which every woman notices about make-up is its odor. The smell of any foundation is very important as one can’t bear anything on face that has intolerable smell. The silk foundation has a slight smell that is almost unrecognizable.

The silk foundation blends smoothly and doesn’t show any artificial style look. The skin looks natural in tone and on a closer look, gives a smooth blended layer of foundation to cover imperfections if there are any. The coverage is not very much in favour, as it gives you a moderate coverage.

The staying power of MMSF is nearly 5 to 6 hours. The third important factor of sulk foundation is that it gives you complete matt finish. We, Pakistanis know it very well that matt finish is perfect for our country’s weather conditions.

To suit different skin tones, the silk foundation is available in a wide range including Porcelain, Ivory, Nude, Fair Beige, Cream, Almond, Warm Golden, Natural Warmth, Warm oak, Mocha, and Latte.


If you have a dry skin, first moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer and after that starts applying your makeup.


I would love to rate it 4/5 as it really helps in masking minor imperfections. So, I would definitely buy it again.


The Silk Foundation by Masarrat Misbah is easily available in reasonable price range Rs. 1790/- throughout the country.