Review - Farhan Saeed's Maula Failed To Impress Music Fans


Farhan Saeed, one of the founders of boy-band Jal and the leading actor of Suno Chanda, has released several musical hits for his fans. Pee Jaon, Thori Der and the recent success of a political anthem Ab Sirf Imran Khan, Saeed has proved that he can ploy different styles for his singing passion. However, actor-singer Saeed’s recent track Maula in collaboration with British-Indian music producer Rishi Rich, somehow failed to impress the music lovers.

He not only composed the song but also acted in the Maula video. The lyrics and vocals complement each other pretty well. Although Saeed did his job honestly with lots of hard work in this track, it the music where Maula actually fails to touch the standard. This the reason it seems as a pressed collaboration mostly done just for the sake of a teamwork.

The romance, club lavish scenes, glitzy attires and loving aspect of a couple, there is nothing unique in the video theme. One cannot pick what the director of video is trying to convey, as it is odd editing that makes this video more peculiar. The ending part with Saeed appearing alive, showing his love and cop-cars with their lights on in the background is not attractive at all.

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The Maula’s video has been shot in London, England. The location selection is good but it is the blurred message that remains unclear till end and make spectator confused. There would be numerous topics that can be targeted in this video but the message didn’t work well and one will continue to think what was they (the team) was trying to say to audience.