Review - For The Love Of Sea-Food At Asia Live, Avari Towers!


Last time I went there to try their yummy Arabic Food. The experience at Avari Towers’ restaurant Asia Live was so excellent that I decided to go there once again. However, this time, it was not a food festival but a regular themed night dinner. Yes, Asia Live offers distinctive theme buffet nights with a vast variety of delectable cuisines.

In my previous blog, I have already written about the cozy ambience of Asia Live. The restaurant's staff will welcome you with a friendly gesture. They will escort you to your desired table. The thoroughly professional team is very cooperative and helpful. The impeccable ambience is perfect place for a delightful evening as it provides an absolute leisure atmosphere so that you can fully relish your meal.

Coming back to their creative themed dinners, the seafood nights happen every Friday at Asia Live Restaurant. I must say that through its themed dinner nights, restaurant is not only offering masterfully prepared scrumptious food but also raising the bar for fine dining. The idea to add a theme to dinner is to make it more enjoyable. 

So, the last Friday, I went there to experience another wonderful dinner comprised of seafood. I was expecting some unusual dishes as part of seafood. But to my surprise the buffet menu was well-chosen while keeping in mind the food-lovers’ typical choice and tastes.

The menu was an amalgamation of culinary flare, unique flavor and diversity of seafood. It included fish and crab based dishes along with pasta, vegetable, Japanese savors, fried, tikka and the yummy fish pilaf. The huge range of appetizing salads, pickles, and desserts was another feature of the buffet dinner.

One of the most attractive feature of the seafood theme night was Live Fish Cooking. There was a variety of raw fishes available that one can select and order to be cooked as per taste. The chefs would prepare your desired fish dish and serves you right from the stove. This is an amazing side of Asia Live restaurant that keeps it on top of other eatery places. 

I started my dinner with a crab soup. It was prepared as restaurant’s own specialty. The taste was fine and well balanced. After this, I tried Tilapia fish with Thermidor sauce, Crab in bonne femme sauce, Red Snapper teppenyaki, Tuna fish pulao, Bekti tikka, and Pasta Marinara.

I loved the crunchy taste of Bekti tikka and spicy flavors of Tuna fish pilaf. Both dishes were cooked in a pure eastern way and gives a BBQ and biryani style aromatic flavors. The Crab in Bonne Femme sauce was prepared in a white creamy textured sauce and tastes very good. The meat was well cooked. The Pasta Marinara was another great dish with slight red colour and peppery taste.

I finished my dinner by tasting the sweet treats including jelly with pine-apple, fruity trifle, brownies, soft custard, and the famous king of sweet dishes the Gulab Jaman dipped in sugary sauce.


If you are a true sea-food lover and want to enjoy some aromatic dishes, some creamy flavors and diverse desserts, then I would highly recommend that you should try the menu of Asia Live’s themed nights with your family, friends, and colleagues. It will cost you Pakistan Rupees 2300+tax per head.


I would give it following stars;

Food – 4/5
Ambience – 4.5/5
Service – 4/5  

Opening Times

Friday – 19:30pm to 23:30pm

For any query or reservation of your table, visit the official website Avari Towers.



World Diabetes Day: #ItsTimeToAct With Novo Nordisk And Wasim Akram


All over the world, the month of November is remembered as the "Diabetes Awareness Month". This year, during 10th to 20th of November, Pakistan's legend cricketer Wasim Akram along with a global health care company Novo Nordisk is initiating a campaign to fight against diabetes by creating awareness and providing easy solutions to keep the disease away or maintained.

The campaign's main theme can be understood through a video that how the diabetic Wasim Akram, well known as Sultan of Swing, maintained his diabetes and led a normal life only through controlling his diet, daily exercise, and taking proper medicine.


At a very young age Akram was diagnosed with diabetes in 1997, however he never let it overshadow his life and emphasized on healthy lifestyle . This is the reason he is considered as an inspiration for all of the people who have diabetes.

To further create awareness and involving everyone, there is a contest going on in which anyone can participate. All you have to do is to upload his or her daily fitness routine photo with hashtags #ItsTimeToAct and #ChangingDiabetes on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.   and the entry is applicable. At the end of the challenge, 10 lucky entries will win signed merchandise from Wasim Akram.

Wasim Akram who is also a Novo Nordisk Ambassador said, “Today prevalence of diabetes is shocking and I feel proud to be part of a movement that challenges you to act right in order to live healthy with diabetes. I am looking forward to witnessing my fellow countrymen take part in the challenge and experience the benefits of staying fit”.

The challenge will run through the weeks and will reach its peak momentum on November 14 - World Diabetes Day. Other celebrities alongside the legend will take part in the challenge themselves to further strengthen the goal of effective diabetes management.

The mission behind this challenge is to promote a healthy lifestyle through social media. The importance of staying physically fit is crucial to maintain diabetes and with Novo Nordisk as one’s companion this is possible with more and more ease with each passing day. 

The campaign's winning images or videos will be shared across the border to ensure far and wide manifestation. Recognition of people who are responsible for inspiring so many others is an integral pillar of this mission. Social media and humble awards aim to celebrate these special stories as well as to honor the dedication and commitment of those who know what it takes to act at the right time. 

So, this 'World Diabetes Day' let's pledge to act at the right time and make the right choices.