Accu Chek Pakistan Held 'Healthy Me' Poster Competition


The theme for World Diabetes Day 2019 was Family and Diabetes. The theme was aimed to raise awareness of the diabetes effect on one’s family and promoting the support as well as the role of the family in managing, carefulness, prevention and acquiring knowledge of diabetes.

A lack of knowledge about this silent disease – diabetes means that noticing the early symptoms is not just a hindrance for family members, but it’s a bigger concern impacting the whole society. Do you know that diabetes was responsible for four million deaths in 2017? It was due to untreated or unmanaged diabetes that leads to life-changing impediments.

In order to create diabetes awareness in country, the Roche Pakistan, the pioneers in Diabetes Care, took a great initiative by engaging young children and school going students to highlight the significance of diabetes care, prevention, and alertness about the silent disease. The main focus was to educate them that how changing a lifestyle can prevent diabetes or help in managing it. The initiative aimed at helping students in understanding the symptoms and complications of diabetes. Diet plans were shared to teach them healthy eating routine from an early age to avoid obesity that can lead to diabetes.

The Accu Chek Pakistan, a brand of blood sugar-testing devices manufactured by Roche Diagnostics, organized a poster competition ‘Healthy Me’ as a drill to tell young minds that healthy living amongst children ensures a healthy future. 

Children were asked to draw, make posters to express their knowledge about World Diabetes Day theme; Family and Diabetes. The contest further enabled students to absorb the maximum information about the symptoms of diabetes and how Accu-Chek can help to monitor blood sugar levels.

The Healthy Me poster contest was judged by cricketer Mr. Wasim Akram, who himself is a diabetic patient and an inspiration for many people who want to be active and fit. The competition administration received hundreds of entries from schools all across Pakistan showing that such activity can really promote awareness among children and their families.

Following are some of the creative posters and illustrations that children made to highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle and diet to prevent and control diabetes in families and children.



Swvl, An App-Based Bus Hailing Service Launched In Karachi


The Egyptian firm expands its operations further in Pakistan and launched its services in metropolitan city Karachi. 

Swvl is the first of its kind app-based bus hailing innovator, announced an investment of $25 million in Pakistan by mobilizing half a million Pakistanis by 2023. The investment plan will create around ten thousand jobs a year. 

After the successful launch in Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, the new bus service expands its services for another big city, Karachi. At the moment, the country's largest city has the meager infrastructure and deteriorating public service facilities from the government. So, the Swvl will be welcomed by Karachiites as it will provide comfortable and safe transport at an affordable price. 

The Swvl is also planning to start an incubator to fund pre-seed startups to kickstart a healthy tech ecosystem in Pakistan. Moreover, the company plans to open an offshore support and engineering office in Pakistan. 

The bus-hailing service, Swvl claims to be a convenient, reliable and affordable transport solution with an aim to revolutionize people's lifestyles including transportation by running busses on fixed routes that users can book seats in through the Swvl app.   

Swvl provides an air-conditioned top-notch bus hailing service for just Rs20 through its app which uses the person’s location and destination to determine the shortest possible trip time based on the nearest bus stop. 

The Swvl app is now available for both the android and ios app users. SWVL also aims to give women a safe and comfortable ride and enable women to reclaim public space by mobilizing them through safe and sound travel options.

Mostafa Kandil,  the founder of Swvl said, "We are also planning to start an incubator to fund pre-seed startups to kickstart a healthy tech ecosystem in Pakistan. Moreover, the company plans to open an offshore support and engineering office in Pakistan.”  

“Currently we have introduced 13- and 22-seater vans and Coasters but it doesn’t end here. The buses and vehicles would grow gradually as well as their capacity. We have close to 100 routes in Karachi alone,” said Shahzeb Memon of Swvl Pakistan.