Tarzz's Shop-N-Rock Presented Live Performances by Strings And Ali Sethi


Tarzz presented musical night Shop ‘N’ Rock by bringing the most renowned names from the Pakistani music industry; Strings and Ali Sethi. Strings made a comeback on stage after three years with a vibrant live performance.

The talented heartthrob Ali Sethi accompanied Strings on the stage to energize the crowd with his vocals and energetic performance. Being a candidate in the contemporary classical music, Sethi’s work seems to have a familiarity with Tarzz ideology of being the flag bearers of the ‘Good Side of Traditions’. 

The lively musical event, in collaboration with Packages Mall, was hosted by Ali Safina, who knows how to set up the right vibe and atmosphere to accentuate the experience not only for the audience but the artists. 

Tarzz, one of the fastest growing retailers of quality attire for women and men in Pakistan, gave chance to its customers to avail free tickets for the event by simply paying a visit to Tarzz stores and purchasing any of Tarzz outfits for Rs. 2000. 

The musical event was attended by a good number of celebrities and music lovers who enjoyed every bit of it.  

The brand, launched in 2016, will be operating over 19 stores nationwide by the end of this year. Tarzz stores have now begun operations in Lahore at Amanah Mall, Packages Mall , Iqbal Town and Zarina Mall and Aqsa Mall. 

The well organised event and PR was handled by Keys Productions.

Visit Tarzz Here: www.tarzz.com.pk