Review - Fujiyama: An Abode of Traditional Japanese Food At Avari Towers

Japanese Food Festival At Fujiyama, Avari Towers Hotel.
From 7th to 16th December
I was super excited when I heard that there will an event about Japanese food and my excitement touched its height when I came to know that it will be at Avari Towers. The reason was simple, I have gone there multiple times with my family and friends and found its dining areas including Dynasty and Asia Live very convincing. So, on the first day of the event I went there and to my surprise the decent décor, exotic cuisine and staff dressed up in traditional costumes truly represented the culture of Japan at the Japanese Food Festival held at Fujiyama restaurant, Avari Towers Hotel in Karachi.

The festival was inaugurated by Consul-General of Japan in Karachi Mr. Toshikazu Isomura, along with his wife, Deputy Consul-General of Japan Mr. Katsunori Ashida, and Mr. Grant Raubenheimer VP Operation Avari Towers. It is a 10 days long food gala from 7th to 16th December 2018.

Fujiyama is a classic restaurant serving traditional Japanese food with authentic aroma and flavours. It is not only the food but also the location that entice its guests. The sky rise view on the top floor of 17 story Avari Towers gives you enormous panorama to enjoy city of lights’ beauty. The restaurant has earned a status of a perennial place for elaborate Japanese menu, serving a wide range of Sashimi, delectable appetizers, bona fide Japanese dishes and variety of sweet-treats.

The buffet style dinner was set up so that diners can move along the buffet line and serve themselves as per their choice. The grilling tables were also arranged behind the buffet counter where Chef Carlito Magno was all ready to show his Live cooking skills.

However the highlight of the day was clicked when Deputy Consul-General of Japan Mr. Katsunori Ashida started demonstrating his culinary skills by showcasing the slicing techniques of a fish for sushi assembling. It was the most exciting phase of my dinner.

I started my dinner by serving myself with Miso Soup. The Seafood Clear Soup was also there but I preferred Miso as it is my favourite. After that I selected some of the cold and hot appetizers including Mixed Sushi, Sashimi, Maki, Gyu Tataki, Agedashi Tofu and Ebi Tempura. The taste of Sushi was excellent, it melted in mouth and gave a feeling of satisfaction for my taste-buds.

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For the main course,  I filled my palate with Tori Katsu (Chicken Katsu), Sakana Katsu (Fish Katsu), Gyu Katsu (Beef Katsu), and Tori Teriyaki (Chicken Teriyaki). All the fired food was truly crunchy and the flavor was superb.

I also tried garlic fried rice with combinations of different Teppanyaki dishes including Ebi (prawn), Gyu (beef) and Tori (chicken) teppanyaki. For veggies lover there was Yasai Itame (Stir Fry Vegetables) with a sauce.


Over all, I would say that it was a wonderful experience of authentic Japanese food and comfy ambience. You must visit this festival to enjoy delicious Sushi, sizzling seafood and mouthwatering tempura delights. The Fujiyama style serving with radiating refinement and peaceful atmosphere will give you the greatest foodie experience.


I would definitely give it following rating;

Food – 4.5/5
Ambience – 4/5
Service – 4/5  

For any query or reservation of your table, visit the official website Avari Towers.



Junoon Is Reunited For Peek Freans' Sooper Junoon Concert


Pakistan's Sufi Rock band Junoon is all set for one more live concert after 13 years gap on December 25 at Airmen Golf Club, Karachi. The efforts to reunite world famous Sufi Rock band were being made for the past couple of years as their fans were eager to witness their live performance. But attempts failed as it was not an easy task. 

However, Peek Freans Sooper took a bold step in the right direction and brought the legendary band Junoon back once again by convincing both Ali Azmat and SalmanAhmad. This time, the band is going to per from in a live concert that is slated to be held this December to give an exciting new chapter to “Sooper Hai Pakistan Ka Junoon”.

As pioneers of Sufi Rock in Pakistan, Junoon in its 14-years of existence recorded more than half a dozen albums together. After their album “Talaash”, their popularity sky rocketed, until the band came to a complete halt in 2009.

Peek Freans Sooper ignited the spirits of Junoon fans and initiated “Sooper Hai Pakistan Ka Junoon” campaign on Independence Day 2018. The details can be read here. The band reunited after 13 long years and took the digital world by storm with a new version of their song “Khudi”. 

Peek Freans Sooper is now planning the biggest musical event of the decade for all the fans of Junoon with Junoon’s power-packed performance and spellbinding music.

Music Lovers can get their Sooper Junoon live concert tickets today and get an Early Bird discount. For event details visit websites



Review - For The Love Of Sea-Food At Asia Live, Avari Towers!


Last time I went there to try their yummy Arabic Food. The experience at Avari Towers’ restaurant Asia Live was so excellent that I decided to go there once again. However, this time, it was not a food festival but a regular themed night dinner. Yes, Asia Live offers distinctive theme buffet nights with a vast variety of delectable cuisines.

In my previous blog, I have already written about the cozy ambience of Asia Live. The restaurant's staff will welcome you with a friendly gesture. They will escort you to your desired table. The thoroughly professional team is very cooperative and helpful. The impeccable ambience is perfect place for a delightful evening as it provides an absolute leisure atmosphere so that you can fully relish your meal.

Coming back to their creative themed dinners, the seafood nights happen every Friday at Asia Live Restaurant. I must say that through its themed dinner nights, restaurant is not only offering masterfully prepared scrumptious food but also raising the bar for fine dining. The idea to add a theme to dinner is to make it more enjoyable. 

So, the last Friday, I went there to experience another wonderful dinner comprised of seafood. I was expecting some unusual dishes as part of seafood. But to my surprise the buffet menu was well-chosen while keeping in mind the food-lovers’ typical choice and tastes.

The menu was an amalgamation of culinary flare, unique flavor and diversity of seafood. It included fish and crab based dishes along with pasta, vegetable, Japanese savors, fried, tikka and the yummy fish pilaf. The huge range of appetizing salads, pickles, and desserts was another feature of the buffet dinner.

One of the most attractive feature of the seafood theme night was Live Fish Cooking. There was a variety of raw fishes available that one can select and order to be cooked as per taste. The chefs would prepare your desired fish dish and serves you right from the stove. This is an amazing side of Asia Live restaurant that keeps it on top of other eatery places. 

I started my dinner with a crab soup. It was prepared as restaurant’s own specialty. The taste was fine and well balanced. After this, I tried Tilapia fish with Thermidor sauce, Crab in bonne femme sauce, Red Snapper teppenyaki, Tuna fish pulao, Bekti tikka, and Pasta Marinara.

I loved the crunchy taste of Bekti tikka and spicy flavors of Tuna fish pilaf. Both dishes were cooked in a pure eastern way and gives a BBQ and biryani style aromatic flavors. The Crab in Bonne Femme sauce was prepared in a white creamy textured sauce and tastes very good. The meat was well cooked. The Pasta Marinara was another great dish with slight red colour and peppery taste.

I finished my dinner by tasting the sweet treats including jelly with pine-apple, fruity trifle, brownies, soft custard, and the famous king of sweet dishes the Gulab Jaman dipped in sugary sauce.


If you are a true sea-food lover and want to enjoy some aromatic dishes, some creamy flavors and diverse desserts, then I would highly recommend that you should try the menu of Asia Live’s themed nights with your family, friends, and colleagues. It will cost you Pakistan Rupees 2300+tax per head.


I would give it following stars;

Food – 4/5
Ambience – 4.5/5
Service – 4/5  

Opening Times

Friday – 19:30pm to 23:30pm

For any query or reservation of your table, visit the official website Avari Towers.



World Diabetes Day: #ItsTimeToAct With Novo Nordisk And Wasim Akram


All over the world, the month of November is remembered as the "Diabetes Awareness Month". This year, during 10th to 20th of November, Pakistan's legend cricketer Wasim Akram along with a global health care company Novo Nordisk is initiating a campaign to fight against diabetes by creating awareness and providing easy solutions to keep the disease away or maintained.

The campaign's main theme can be understood through a video that how the diabetic Wasim Akram, well known as Sultan of Swing, maintained his diabetes and led a normal life only through controlling his diet, daily exercise, and taking proper medicine.


At a very young age Akram was diagnosed with diabetes in 1997, however he never let it overshadow his life and emphasized on healthy lifestyle . This is the reason he is considered as an inspiration for all of the people who have diabetes.

To further create awareness and involving everyone, there is a contest going on in which anyone can participate. All you have to do is to upload his or her daily fitness routine photo with hashtags #ItsTimeToAct and #ChangingDiabetes on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.   and the entry is applicable. At the end of the challenge, 10 lucky entries will win signed merchandise from Wasim Akram.

Wasim Akram who is also a Novo Nordisk Ambassador said, “Today prevalence of diabetes is shocking and I feel proud to be part of a movement that challenges you to act right in order to live healthy with diabetes. I am looking forward to witnessing my fellow countrymen take part in the challenge and experience the benefits of staying fit”.

The challenge will run through the weeks and will reach its peak momentum on November 14 - World Diabetes Day. Other celebrities alongside the legend will take part in the challenge themselves to further strengthen the goal of effective diabetes management.

The mission behind this challenge is to promote a healthy lifestyle through social media. The importance of staying physically fit is crucial to maintain diabetes and with Novo Nordisk as one’s companion this is possible with more and more ease with each passing day. 

The campaign's winning images or videos will be shared across the border to ensure far and wide manifestation. Recognition of people who are responsible for inspiring so many others is an integral pillar of this mission. Social media and humble awards aim to celebrate these special stories as well as to honor the dedication and commitment of those who know what it takes to act at the right time. 

So, this 'World Diabetes Day' let's pledge to act at the right time and make the right choices. 



Review - An Insider's Guide To Arabic Food Festival At Asia Live, Avari Towers!


Asia Live is a casual dining area of the Avari Towers Hotel Karachi, with a conventional baron elegant leitmotif. The restaurant has gained a reputation of a terminus for organizing extravagant food festivals, serving exotic recipes from Far East, Europe and Middle Eastern domains.

Recently, I went to Asia Live restaurant for a food festival; the Arabic Food Festival. It is a 3 day long fiesta from 26th to 28th October 2018. I would like to suggest that any person who wants to be acquainted with mouthwatering Arabic cuisine, should visit this restaurant’s festival and enjoy the wide range of starter – mezza, more than 8 dishes of main course and of course the last but not the least; the famous desserts that no one can resist.

The Ambience

As soon as you walk through the door, the smiling face friendly staff will greet and guide you through the tables to your desired space. The warm, appealing dining room is flawless spacious hall for a delightful eating experience; the flavorful meal at a comfy table. The pleasing ambience will convey a sense of relaxation while you enjoy your incomparable cuisine. Moreover, the scrumptious cuisine along with distinct live music will gear-up your frame of mind to an impressive Arabic ambience.

The Food

Now let me tell you more elaborately about my experience. I started my dinner with starter – mezza, including all the true Middle Eastern salads such as Babaghanooj (an Eggplant dip), Hummos (the famous chickpea dip), Tabbooleh, Fattoosh, Samboosek, Keshkeh, Khoboz Araby (the Arabic bread) served with pita bread. However, the Mahammara, a blended rich dip made of redpeppers, walnuts, oliveoil and pomegranate molasses, was the main attraction of this category. I tried it with everything from the meaty dishes to rice with dry fruits.

Me and my friends requested the concerned person to meet the creator of the menu. We were introduced to Chef Naim who later briefed us about each and every dish that was served. He has a vast experience in his field and knows very well how to create a quality aromatic dish with a twist of seasonal ingredients to give you an array of flavours. What I understand from his way of explanation is that he along with his team maintains a special emphasize on high quality, cleanness, freshness and the taste. It all reflected in their delectable creations.

After talking to chef, we started our main course that was comprised of a mixture of BBQ, grilled meat, rice, and vegetable based menu. It included Makloobet Betenjan (an eggplants and rice dish), the moist and juicy Lamb Chops, Rez Bel Ja (chicken and rice dish), Shiekh Elmehshi (a dish prepared with Zucchini and Yogurt), Koosa Mehshi (a dish comprised of stuffed Zucchini), and the two most famous dishes from middle east; yes here I am talking about the Shawarma Chicken Kabseh and the Mesakan Chicken kabab, most commonly known as Shish Tawook. Every dish was cautiously prepared and seasoned with sporadic Middle Eastern spices.

At the end of the dinner, I tried the selective desserts including the Kushta (a homemade Arabic cream), Baklawa Pastry, Basboosah (Hareeseh), Katayef and the most delicious sweet treat Umm Ali.


If you are a Arabic food lover, then I would recommend that you along with your family and friends, should drop in for this 3 day long Arabic Food Festival and enjoy not only an intimate Arabic meal but also an Arabic Night full of traditional Arabic music and performances; all in a wholly Arabic ambience.


I would definitely give it following rating;

Food – 4.5/5
Ambience – 4/5
Service – 4/5   

Opening Times

Fri, Sat, Sun – 19:30pm to 23:30pm

For any query or reservation of your table, visit the official website Avari Towers



Asim Jofa Initiated Green Pakistan, Clean Pakistan


Prime Minister Imran Khan has inaugurated the Clean and Green Pakistan campaign and everyone is taking part in it. Pakistan’s celebrated designer Asim Jofa has also come forward to initiate a Green Clean Pakistan drive to show th love for his country by beautifying the cities.

The media fraternity of Pakistan including renowned actors, directors, government officials, and other influencers joined hands in reinforcing the social responsibility of being a Pakistani citizen by supporting the cause.

While talking to the media, Jofa, who initiated the campaign back in 2014, said, "To plant a tree today is to believe in a greener and cleaner Pakistan of tomorrow."

Celebrities including Faysal Quraishi, Maria Wasti, Sonya Hussyn, Shaz Khan, Sohail Javed, Zhalay Sarhadi, Nausheen Shah and Ayesha Toor all participated in Jofa’s drive of planting new trees at the famous ll-Talwar monument in Karachi.

The guest of honor for the tree plantation ceremony was Mr. Fakhr-e-Alam, who is on a journey to becoming the first National Hero of Pakistan to circumnavigate the globe in a single-engine aircraft.

It is a groundbreaking initiative by Jofa to supervise the restore, and beautify the local sites. The marked transformation of II-Talwar and III-Talwar in Clifton alongside the visible improvement of the famous Fish Roundabout (aka Zulfiqar Roundabout) at the junction of Hawksbay Sandspit, are all credited to the efforts of Team Asim Jofa.



Review - The Masarrat Misbah Silk Foundation Is For Everyone


Choosing the perfect foundation is not an easy task for any woman. It needs lot of consideration and complete knowledge of your own skin type and tone.

However, if I tell you that there is a foundation that is suitable for all skin types and is locally made while keeping in mind the requirements of local customers, what would be your reaction? Well, I know, you would scream that please tell us the name we want to give it a try. Right?

A couple of weeks back I checked the market for an appropriate foundation that wouldn’t cost me lot money as well as it should be in accordance to our environment, weather conditions, and skin tone. The shopkeepers showed me lot of imported and some locally made foundations. I checked each and every foundation, available in liquid, stick, semi-liquid form etc. Some were very expensive and some were affordable but their quality was a question mark.

Luckily, I came across a nice product that is not only locally made but also provides a wide range of shades to match the skin tone. Here, I am talking about Silk Foundation by beautician Masarrat Misbah.

Brand Claims:

The weightless liquid formula of MMSF "tunes in" to your skin's requirement. It controls oil where there is a shine and moisturizes skin where it's sparse. The MMSF is for a long wearing balanced look, with true coverage.

Who is this for?      
The Silk Foundation is for all skin kinds from normal to oily skin types. So, anyone who wants a pure natural looking finish, with all-day freshness can wear this for long hours.


The foundation is available in a transparent glass bottle with black pump and a light coloured cap. It is perfect for travelling. The pump setting on top helps you to take-out the quantity as per your need. The details are written on outer box packaging and at the bottom of the glass bottle.

Our Verdict:

The Silk Foundation by Masarrat Misbah is literally a lightweight formula with slightly thickish consistency. The consistency helps you to hide any blemishes or uneven skin tone easily. The first thing we noticed about this foundation is that it becomes swiftly; it means that one has to be quick in applying the foundation and speedy blending.

The second thing which every woman notices about make-up is its odor. The smell of any foundation is very important as one can’t bear anything on face that has intolerable smell. The silk foundation has a slight smell that is almost unrecognizable.

The silk foundation blends smoothly and doesn’t show any artificial style look. The skin looks natural in tone and on a closer look, gives a smooth blended layer of foundation to cover imperfections if there are any. The coverage is not very much in favour, as it gives you a moderate coverage.

The staying power of MMSF is nearly 5 to 6 hours. The third important factor of sulk foundation is that it gives you complete matt finish. We, Pakistanis know it very well that matt finish is perfect for our country’s weather conditions.

To suit different skin tones, the silk foundation is available in a wide range including Porcelain, Ivory, Nude, Fair Beige, Cream, Almond, Warm Golden, Natural Warmth, Warm oak, Mocha, and Latte.


If you have a dry skin, first moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer and after that starts applying your makeup.


I would love to rate it 4/5 as it really helps in masking minor imperfections. So, I would definitely buy it again.


The Silk Foundation by Masarrat Misbah is easily available in reasonable price range Rs. 1790/- throughout the country.  



Review - Farhan Saeed's Maula Failed To Impress Music Fans


Farhan Saeed, one of the founders of boy-band Jal and the leading actor of Suno Chanda, has released several musical hits for his fans. Pee Jaon, Thori Der and the recent success of a political anthem Ab Sirf Imran Khan, Saeed has proved that he can ploy different styles for his singing passion. However, actor-singer Saeed’s recent track Maula in collaboration with British-Indian music producer Rishi Rich, somehow failed to impress the music lovers.

He not only composed the song but also acted in the Maula video. The lyrics and vocals complement each other pretty well. Although Saeed did his job honestly with lots of hard work in this track, it the music where Maula actually fails to touch the standard. This the reason it seems as a pressed collaboration mostly done just for the sake of a teamwork.

The romance, club lavish scenes, glitzy attires and loving aspect of a couple, there is nothing unique in the video theme. One cannot pick what the director of video is trying to convey, as it is odd editing that makes this video more peculiar. The ending part with Saeed appearing alive, showing his love and cop-cars with their lights on in the background is not attractive at all.

Watch the video here,


The Maula’s video has been shot in London, England. The location selection is good but it is the blurred message that remains unclear till end and make spectator confused. There would be numerous topics that can be targeted in this video but the message didn’t work well and one will continue to think what was they (the team) was trying to say to audience. 



Designer Ali Xeeshan Launched Enchanting Collection Ijaazat


Pakistan's designer Ali Xeeshan, famous for his distinctive signature style, recently launched his hypnotic collection Ijaazat to attract the traditionalists.

From traditional red lehnga choli with gold work to a white long shirt with golden detail, and from thickly embroidered saris to men’s sherwanis with elaborate embellishment, Ali Xeeshan’s design concept draws inspiration from the global village that we live in and its impact on our lives. This collection solely focuses on a synthesis of distinctive patchwork designs inspired from different ends of the world.

The flamboyant hues adorned with classical jewel work, Ijaazat depicts the global village that we reside in today that has blurred the lines between culture and people. It is an amalgamation of a fusion of east, west and everything that runs deep within the digital age. Ali Xeeshan has brought to life subtle details while creating a marvelous twist with his unique designs that play along with diverse colors and flawless fabrics. 

The broad strokes of neatness redefine the era of Pakistani couture starting right from marvelous dupattas to unconventional draped lehngas, the use of uncut semi precious stones, hand crafted gota and threads make it outstanding. This collection focuses on handmade textures and various embellishments like beautiful bows have been adorned on various outfits.

The splendid array of different shades put together in a picturesque assortment in one outfit with innumerable designs is one of the most fascinating things about this collection. The idea of conquering the digital divide that has evaporated culture, creativity and ingenuity, Ali Xeeshan wants to break free and help designers and other artists to set their own paces and patterns for originality. 

The rich fabrics like silk, velvet and brocade, print marrying embroidery along with intricately designed floral with peasant stripes and scallops dominate the collection. In his own words Ali Xeeshan said, “This collection is especially close to my heart because it aims to tackle a contemporary problem faced to many people these days. Our happiness is dependent on seeking permission of others and that is what I have based this collection on. ” 



Junoon Is Back After 13 Years And The Credit Goes To Peek Freans Sooper


Yes! The sufi rock band Junoon is going to make a comeback after 13 long years and this reunion is a result of efforts by a biscuit company named Peek Freans Sooper.

During thirteen years of music life, Junoon recorded more than six albums, including the melodious Talaash (1993) and the patriotic song Azadi (1997). These songs really touched the hearts of their fans.

The troika of singer-songwriter, guitarist and multi-instrumental composer, Ali Azmat, Salman Ahmed and Brian O’Conell have been working together for an upcoming project, Sooper Hai Pakistan Ka Junoon.

It is now official that English Biscuit Manufacturer's brand Peek Freans Sooper is actually reuniting the world-renowned ‘Junoon’ after more than a decade. This reunion is aimed at uniting the people of Pakistan through Junoon's legendary and inspiring sufi music. 

Sooper operates on the principle of putting Pakistan first by highlighting its many strengths that will further solidify its position on the world stage.

Passion, or as we call it, Junoon, is the hallmark of the Pakistani people. As we approach Pakistan's 71st Independence Day, the belief that Pakistan is indeed a super nation with Junoon brimming within its people, “Sooper hai Pakistan ka Junoon” brings something that the people of this country have been waiting for a very long time. 

‘Sooper hai Pakistan ka Junoon’ seeks to bring the message of rising up together through the reunion of Junoon and by spreading the message of patriotism, unity and harmony across the nation.

EBM's Head of Marketing, Ayesha Janjua while speaking to the media on this prestigious occasion said, "The reunion of Junoon is a pivotal moment in history and the role of EBM in making this happen truly embodies the spirit of the nation's favourite brand, Peek Freans Sooper.  In the years to come, Sooper will continue to be the positive voice that inspires millions of Pakistanis."

Last year's Guinness World Record for the Largest Cookie Mosaic in the shape of the Pakistani flag was won by none other than Peek Freans and in this manner the brand created a new record for Pakistan on its last year's Independence Day.  



Zalmi Foundation Co-Hosting 3rd National Youth Summit Pakistan In Gilgit Baltistan


Zalmi Foundation, along with its franchise Peshawar Zalmi, is co-hosting third National Youth Summit Pakistan in Gilgit Baltistan from 8th to 10th August. 

The other collaborators include Center for Sustainability Research and Practice (CSRP), University of Lahore, IIUI, Karakoram International University (KIU), and Islamic Research Institute (IRI). The summit will held at Karakoram International University (KIU), Gilgit Baltistan.

The summit's topics will include 'Governance, Environment and Social Cohesion' and it aims to discuss on the prevalent issues in Pakistan. Students from universities across Pakistan will come and participate in the event in which they will exchange, experience and explore ideas and discuss issues related to summit's topics.  

After successfully executing sports and youth empowerment activities in KPK, Zalmi foundation is now moving to beautiful landscape of Gilgit Baltistan. It believes that it is essential to gather the youth of the country at one platform to understand the local dynamics and ensure a cooperative society to mitigate numerous challenges at different levels, not only at a national but local and international level as well. 

Several workshops, debates, and conferences will be held during the summit where the students will exchange their thoughts with each other and start their journey towards becoming leaders of tomorrow. 

Peshawar Zalmi & Zalmi Foundation, Chairman, Mr. Javed Afridi said, "Zalmi Foundation, after conducting several events in KP for the empowerment of youth, has now landed with its mission in the beautiful land of Gilgit Baltistan. We are delighted to be here and hope to leave a positive impact on the youth." 

He further added that "such activities are necessary in today's world so that our youth is interconnected and familiar with each other's cultures and celebrate the diversity. Exhibition Cricket and Polo Matches will also be played alongside the event".