Farah Talib Aziz and LSM Presents Saison De Joie Lawn Collection 2017


As the summers are approaching, designers are preparing to launch their new collection of lawn fabric. Farah Talib Aziz (FTA) is a Karachi based fashion brand that has joined hands with Lakhany Silk Mills (LSM) to launch their combine presentation of outstanding spring summer lawn Season De Joie 2017.

The FAT and LSM’s most anticipated Season De Joie collection means season of joy. Just like its name, the collection is comprised of beautiful colors and quality fabric with splendid 3-D embroidery, special woven embossed fabric, French lace trimmings, silk borders and stunning cut work.

The launch of the new collection was a stylish event attended by designer’s close friends, socialites and fashionistas of Karachi. Models and celebrities flaunted the chic fashions and Season De Joie lawn suits at the well-organized and well-decorated launch event.

Farah Talib Aziz’s design philosophy shows femininity and luxury; her signature embroidery and baroque motifs on draped cloth gives a sign of stylish sophistication.

The latest lawn collection officially launches on 15th March.

Check out the new design philosophy of Farah Talib Aziz's Saison De Joie lawn collection: 



Review - Turn-Up The Music, Mr. DJ Is A Cheerful Track


Qurram Hussain's new cheerful track Turn-Up The Music Mr. DJ, featuring Ayesha Omer and dance choreographer Hasan Rizvi, is the second song from season 2 by Cornetto Pop Rock. The music video has been directed by film maker Wajahat Rauf and the choreography is done by Wahab Shah.

Turn up the Music Mr. DJ is a modern party song that will make everybody dance. It is perfectly relatable to the everyday life of youth. The video brings a wave of nostalgia for those who are done with college life, and reminds them of the good old days. 

The music video presents Ayesha Omar and Hasan Rizvi, as a lively couple who had an argument, while Qurram, being a mutual friend sings to bring them together.


Qurram commented on his experience of Cornetto Pop Rock season 2, “The whole process for this song was amazing and so much fun. From producing the song to singing it and shooting the video – there was so much energy in every step. It was great to work with Ayesha and Hasan – they both brought life to the video through their performances.”

Hasan said, “This is the second time I have worked with Wajahat on a song and I must say he is brilliant at his job. Working with another choreographer was an amazing experience too. I believe what made the whole process more amazing was the song itself. Qurram sang it so well! I’m playing it on repeat since I first listened to it.” 

Ayesha said, “My experience was really good. It was the first time I danced since I had the accident that injured my right shoulder bone, so I was really scared. But Wahab made sure none of my steps were stressful on my right shoulder. Both Hasan and Q made the shoot so fun, it was awesome. Also the whole team especially Wajahat deserves applause for making sure the shoot happens smoothly and on time.”



Review - Highlights Of Fashion Pakistan Week 2017

Pakistan’s famous fashion designers showcased their new collections at the Fashion Pakistan Week Spring / Summer 2017. The most imperative highlight of spring summer 2017 event is that Pakistan Fashion Council has successfully completed a decade of style and fashion. So, this season, the PFC decided to do the event more like an anniversary celebration of FPW. 

From HSY’s tranquil yet eccentric collection to Nomi Ansari traditional attires and from Tena Durrani’s dramatic outfits to colorful FNKAsia collection, several top designers showed their best work. The collections were comprised of embroidery pieces, lace, organza, appliques and numerous other elements to show the latest trends of fashion world. 

The event also incorporated upcoming talents of Pakistan's fashion industry. The new designers displayed their work in the Rising Talents category. Their designs were appreciated by the audience. 

The FPW’17 also witnessed the participation of Nida Azwer, Bunto Kazmi, Shamaeel Ansari, Umar Sayeed, Sana Safinaz, Amir Adnan, Nilofer Shahid and Maheen Khan. The other collections that were showcased during the fashion week were from Amato Couture, Munib Nawaz, Zuria Dor, The Pink Tree Company, Jeem, Amir Adnan, Deepak Perwani, Sonya Batla and Gulabo.

Following are some of the highlights of Fashion Pakistan Week’17

Zaheer Abbas

Tena Durrani

Nida Azwer

FNK Asia

The Pink Tree Company



Nomi Ansari

Deepak Perwani



Review - Cornetto Pop Rock Song Yeh Kya Huwa Is A Catchy Tune


After the successful completion of season one, the Cornetto Pop Rock is once again back with its season 2. The first music video Yeh Kya Huwa for the new season has been recently released.

Yeh Kya Huwa is sung by Pakistan's pop singer Komal Rizvi. The music video is produced by Saad Sultan and directed by film director Wajahat Rauf. The choreography is done by Wahab Shab, while the styling has been done by seasoned stylist Ehtesham Ansari.


Komal Rizvi whose duet ‘Desan Da Raja’ with Qurram Hussain of band Josh from season 1, won Google Award for the fourth most watched video on YouTube, now brings a solo catchy tune for the youth. It is light yet energetic with parts from the classic Chitta Kukkar Banere Te, the song brings a fresh take on the traditional music. 

The concept of the video is based on youngsters having fun and enjoying the company of a pop singer, as they all dance on the beats of the song.

Komal Rizvi shared her experience of Cornetto Pop Rock 2, “I’m so excited this season. The success of ‘Desan Da Raja’ inspired me to make this song. I have written this song aiming it to be simple and fun that puts on a smile on faces and then throw in a classic nostalgic tune in a contemporary fashion. It was so much fun working on this song and I hope people enjoy it as much as I loved the process.”

Director Wajahat Rauf said, “It was a pleasure working on this video for the reason that the songs were exceptionally good! And it’s always fun to work with a youth brand that brings with it a lot of energy.”

Choreographer Wahab Shah explained the concept of his choreography, “Yeh Kya Huwa is a true party anthem with amazing recall value. It’s so catchy anyone can dance to it. It’s a perfect song to play during traffic jams to lighten the mood.”



Wafa Ka Mausam Is All About The Game Of Love & Ego


The channel TV One has a history of entertaining its viewers with good drama ideas that has been admired by the audiences. The channel has already produced numerous well known dramas with great subjects and social issues, for example, drama serial Seeta Bagari. It is a story about a powerful Hindu woman who stand up to fight treachery and hate.

TV One productions’ new drama serial Wafa Ka Mausam is another very interesting and exciting story that has been written by famous writer Riffat Siraj and directed by Babar Qayyum. The first episode has already attracted huge viewership. The cast includes well known artist Aijaz Aslam, Neelum Muneer, Nouman Habib and Shafqat Cheema.

At the Wafa Ka Mausam bloggers’ meetup, held at The Patio restaurant, the director Babar Qayyum and the main characters Neelum Muneer and Aijaz Aslam shared views about their roles and the script. Neelum told bloggers that it is her first project with TV One and she is very excited about it. Aijaz talked about the importance of his role and how director superbly handled this project.

It is a deep love story dealing with class system. The triangle love story is about wealthy landlord’s energetic daughter Komal who will fell in love with Dara, a not so rich but self-made man. However, the factor of class difference and social status will give rise to egoistic behaviour and this will leave educated Komal in a difficult and tense situation. 

Nauman Habib as the third main character, Bazil, will play his role to complete the triangular love story. His role is full of life yet it turns the story into a more complex one. 

The first episode showed very beautiful village locations and luxurious houses and their lifestyles in a big city. The script sounds very strong and convincing. The tittle song is also very attractive and melodious, it is composed by Waqar Ali and sung by singer Quratulain.


If the story sounds interesting to you, than watch drama Wafa Ka Mausam to find out how Komal will endure the game of egos and is it possible for a true love to prevail in an intense situation.


Wafa Ka Mausam can be seen every Wednesday at 8:00 pm on TV One. 



Pond's Celebrated Miracle Journey Of 100 Women


Ponds celebrated the inspiring stories of Pakistan's 100 miraculous women at the Ponds Miracle Gala, held at Mohatta Palace. The grand gala celebrated the life of a Woman as she goes through the many stages of her life.

The 2016's selected 100 women were joined by first two years' 220 to form a miraculous group of best professionals whose stories of struggle and strength is an inspiration for all women.

Ponds saluted the Miracle Woman who is not only managing a professional career but also nurturing her family, running her home and meeting all of the many social obligations that make demands on her time. She is an expert in the fine art of the work-life balance, and she does all this with seamless ease and elegance.

Since 2014, Pond’s Miracle Journey has brought to the forefront such 100 women and celebrated their miraculous lives.

The 10 Mentors who selected the 100 women this year were Aatiqa Lateef, Dr Fehmida Arif, Naheed Mashooqullah, Naila Alladin, Naz Khan, Ronak Lakhani, Safinaz Muneer, Samina Ibrahim, Sana Hashwani and Zeba Bakhtiar. 

Throughout 2016 the Mentors identified and selected the 100 women, their detailed inspiring stories were recorded and shared at the Mohatta Palace Ponds miracle gala.

The event was hosted by Sarmad Khoosat, the award winning writer and director of Manto and Humsafar. Artists Nimra Bucha, Samina Peerzada, Zeba Bakhtiar and NAPA performers contributed to Sarmad’s powerful story.

The famous musical band Noori delighted the crowd with their ever green Manwa Re and the years’ most soulful song Par Chana Dey. Everyone sang along and enjoyed the moment.



Review - Olivia Kajal Is For Everyone!


The thinly brushed eye liner application needs a lot of perfection to draw smooth and neatly shaped eye-liners. Even after so many practices most of us end up with an irregular line that leads to doing the whole eye makeup again.

So, instead of creating all this mess, using a traditional kajal is the best alternative for creating a fine eye-liner style tidy line. It’s not only easy to use but also adds more glamour and dramatic look to eyes because of its dark pigmentation. Eye makeup cannot be completed without the use of a dark jet black eye-pencil, eye-liner and kajal.

We sisters have been using this black magical thing since childhood. We love to use it as an eye liner and eye pencil, it finishes our eye makeup with delicacy and accuracy. These days we are using Olivia brand’s Kajal Stick and here we are sharing our experience of Olivia Kajal with all of you.

Our Verdict

Olivia Kajal comes in a simple packaging with directions of how to use it on the backside. The bullet shaped long kajal stick is secured in a plastic body with a tightly fitted cap. 

Olivia products including this kajal are halal cosmetics and chemical free. The absence of harmful chemicals make all Olivia beauty products safe for use. The application of Olivia kajal is risk-free and it would not give you any eye irritation or teary eyes.

It gives a very dark pigmentation if applied with a touch of water. This kajal is slightly on the dry side, so if you want to draw a dark thick line, swipe it twice for your desired glamorised look. It works well as an eyeliner and eye pencil.

It is definitely not a very creamy formula and due to this it does not smudges easily, even in summers and high humidity. As Olivia’s kajal is almost smudge-free, it doesn’t go away in few hours. The staying power is around 6 to 8 hours.

It is very handy and can be carried in a small bag. School and college going young girls would love to add it in their cosmetic range. 

The price is so affordable that you will love to give it a try. It is truly budget friendly eye-makeup. We bought it from a local superstore for just Rs 50.


Olivia Kajal is easily available in all cosmetic shops, super markets and online stores.


Olivia Kajal stick is a great technique to add more classic definition to your eye-makeup. We are giving it 4.5 / 5. 



Cornetto Launches Pop Rock Season 2


Cornetto Pop Rock, has brought about a music revolution by reviving the concert culture in Pakistan by unearthing young raw talent in colleges and releasing music videos with the biggest pop and rock stars of the country, each with a unique and fresh concept. In 2016, Cornetto launched a complete 360 music platform to celebrate their love for music. 

Cornetto along with Empact Activations, Pakistan’s leading activation agency, and BB events and PR, after successfully rocking Pakistan’s music scene with the inaugural season of Cornetto Pop Rock, have joined hands once again to bring Season 2 of Cornetto Pop Rock. 

Cornetto PopRock 2 had its launch event on 4th February 2017, where the promo for the upcoming season was revealed. 

The happening launch event was attended by Ayesha Omar, Tabassum Mughal, Angie Marshal, Sohail Javed, Rao Aly Khan, Momal Shiekh, Ovais Jaffer, Yasir Hussain, Abeer Rizvi, Rizwaullah, Zhalay, Amir, Khalid Malik, Asad ul haq, Wajahat Rauf, Esheeta Syed, Laiqa Hasan, Junaid Khan, Jarjees Sega, Abdullah Farhatullah, Deepak Kumar, Faryal Mehmood, Hanish Qureshi, Gia Ali, Imran Momina (Immo), Rafay Rashidi and many more.

The lineup for performers for cornetto pop rock 2 was also revealed at the event which includes Ali Azmat, Meesha Shafi, Komal Rizvi, Qurram Hussain, Quratulain Baloch and Momina Mustehsan. It was followed by a mesmerizing performance by Ali Azmat, which officially marked the beginning of an extraordinary season to follow.                      

Six music videos will be released this season, and three concerts will take place. Cornetto Pop Rock 2 opens its doors to everyone in Pakistan this time, through digital auditions, to showcase their talent.