The Path To A Healthier Life Begins With A Hot Cup Of Green Tea


When it comes to shedding all the extra pounds that make a person suffer low self-esteem; the big question is how to get rid of them while staying healthy. In spite of everything, mostly people literally fall flat at their nourishment as they get preoccupied by the little things but never give a thought to the whopping elements that help in weight loss. Undeniably, you should eliminate all those things that have high calories such as potatoes, bananas, rice, oily foods from your regular diet. However, if you are still consuming foods that give you too many calories than believe us you are doing nothing and not going to achieve your goal of desired ideal weight.

Recently, while surfing TV channels, me and my sister came across a very captivating and informative TVC. We both were stunned to know the details that it shared. Here, we are talking about the newly launched Tapal Green Tea TVC.


The advertisement is highly motivating and talks straightly to the hearts of many women who want to shed those extra pounds and look fit and fine. Another attention grabbing thing about Tapal’s new ad is its slogan which is not only catchy but also very appealing. Within a fraction of time you will be saying “Oh yes #FitHongiMein”.

The brand Tapal claims that whether you want to fit into your favourite jeans, have a wedding in two weeks or want to fit into your pre-baby clothes, the new Tapal Green Tea will help you to get fit.

Well, just like us, you will be thinking how is it possible to achieve your desired weight with just drinking Tapal green tea? We did a little bit research and found that a scientific study has already reported that drinking three cups of green tea per day, mixed with a bit of low-fat milk, can burn 106 calories per day when drinking for three days in a row.

Now coming back to Tapal’s green tea, the brand has done a wonderful job with regards to their new green tea formula. The presence of Catechins in Tapal’s green tea actually boosts your metabolism and helps you lose desired weight. So, incorporating some cups of Tapal’s green tea with your daily workouts and adopting healthy lifestyle habits will give you amazing results.

Therefore, we bought a packet of Tapal’s Green Tea and with the first sip we found that the tea bags (read leaves in bag) have pleasant distinctive taste, aromatic fragrance, and vibrant color thus presenting an enjoyable satisfying experience in each sip. It is easily available in various flavours and can be consumed as a hot or cold beverage during winter or summer.

Green Tea has numerous health benefits such as it is loaded with necessary antioxidants, improves mental alertness, reduces digestive symptoms and headaches, and most importantly it is helps in cancer prevention. It also has a power to lower cholesterol.

Hence, there is an ample proof that green tea is a true healthy beverage with lots of health benefits. So for us, the path to a healthier life begins with a hot cup of Tapal Green Tea!