Recipe - Delicious Chicken Chapli Kebab


Chapli Kebab is a traditional dish that can be made with any meat for example beef, mutton and chicken mince. These juicy kebabs are spicy and one of the most popular non barbeque mince based dish. The simple cooking procedure seals all the spices and flavors within the mince without making kebabs dry.

We always prefer to make chapli kebabs at home for our family dinners and parties as well. Traditionally chapli kebabs are served with Naan, but you can serve it with chappati, rice and even use them as a patty for making yummy burgers.

So, today we are going to share with you our very own recipe of Chicken Chapli Kebabs. 

Let’s start our recipe:


Chicken Mince 400gms

Ginger Paste 1tbsp

Garlic Paste 1tbsp

Onion Chopped 2tbtsp

Coriander seeds 1/2tbsp

Cumin Seeds 1/2tbsp

Red pepper crushed 1 tbsp

Garam masala 1/2tbsp

Salt as per your taste

Coriander leaves 2tbsp

Pomegranate seeds 1tbsp

Eggs 1

Green chilies chopped 1tbsp

Tomatoes chopped 1/2cup

Oil for frying


Take all the ingredients in a large dish and mix them well.

Let it marinate for 30 minutes.

Grease your palms with cooking oil or water so that mince do not stick to your palms.

Make a medium size round patty with slight thickness.

Use all mince to make equal size patties.

Fry your patties in medium hot oil.

Fry patties until they turn golden in colour.

Serve Chicken Chapli Kebab with salad and any dip of your choice.



TPL Life Insurance Will Provide Life And Healthcare Services At OMI Hospital

TPL Life Insurance has recently introduced an exclusive TPL Life Lounge & Healthcare services at OMI Hospital. It will include exclusive discounts on ER, radiology and laboratory investigations and drugs & disposables for its customers.

The inauguration of TPL Life Lounge was attended by the management of TPL Life Insurance and various dignitaries of the OMI hospital. TPL Life’s CEO, Mr. Faisal Abbasi and Dr. R. A. Rahim, Chairman & CEO OMI Hospital were also present at the opening ceremony.

TPL management praised hospital's effort in this regard, “TPL Life Exclusive Lounge at OMI Hospital is indicative of our commitment to introduce real value added offerings to our customers. We believe that this facility will be a significant leap in taking care of our valued customers when it really matters. We are thankful to OMI Hospital and its management for sharing the same vision as TPL Life’s i.e. ensuring our customers experience the best of care when they visit the hospital.  This indeed is a very happy moment for all of us”.

The TPL Life service range will include 24/7 access to facilitation by the TPL Life Attendant, quality insurance advisory services through the company’s insurance expert, information regarding health, savings and life insurance plans, appointment alerts and a concierge service for refreshments.

Additionally, consumers will be able to have a 30% discount on ER & OPD services as well as laboratory, Medical Imaging and radiology investigations. Furthermore, the 7.5% discount is available on drugs & disposables.



Yes, Google Map Can Help You Find Parking!


How many times you have faced parking issues? We know your simple answer would be "several times". We also face parking problems in our city and would always scream "why there isn't enough parking for all people". However, some gurus are trying hard to solve this problem for all of us.

Google Map will have a new free trait that relief you from headache of parking, save time and upturn your work efficiency. The app’s newest beta form offers turn-by-turn warnings for the desirable and nearest parking space.

It will show three different classes “easy,” “medium” and “limited” with a small “P” sign, to let drivers know the parking condition at their stopping place. While steering, the driver can enlarge the turn-by-turn directions to see a more specified description for the direction and finding a parking. If there will be no parking, the new feature will warn you about it.

The latest Google item seems to be working for Android 4.3 and up, on the Maps beta and it is accessible through APK Mirror download. Right now Google is beta testing this newly added feature.

We are eagerly waiting to use this new helpful feature and hope that it will become most accurate parking app. Tell us your expectations about the Google Map Parking feature. 



Four Interesting Apps For Every Woman

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In today’s fast life, mobile apps are a blessing to keep us updated and accessible to many things. Apps can be very beneficial as they give quick knowledge and sometimes provide a fast help.

Let’s check out some of the interesting and useful apps that help and keep all women occupied.

ALLRecipes Dinner Spinner

If you are worried about “what to cook”, than it’s time you stop worrying because there is an app for this problem. With a community of more than 30 million home cooks, the AllRecipes Dinner Spinner gives you access to hundreds of numerous recipes. Moreover you can also add your own developed recipes to the app as well.


Alarm Mon is the latest and most famous alarm app that helps mothers to wake up in morning. The name of the app is deprived from two words Alarm and Monster. Up till now it has more than 1,000,000+ downloads. There are different unique sounds and animations that keep you interested in it. This app is accessible for free on both iOS and Android.

Circle of 6

This app is very useful, through it you can add up to six family members or friends in your circle and the moment you think you need their help, just use this app to call them to help and support you. It will send the location and a preset text message to your circle of 6. This app is accessible for free.


If you are a photo junkie who wants to click and edit photos to give them a new look than Brushstroke app is absolutely perfect for you. It works just like Prisma by converting the photos in to a artwork or painting like thing. 



Review - Paramount Fine Foods Brings Lebanese Food To Pakistan


Whenever a new restaurant comes to town, we all love to visit it with our family and friends to taste its new cuisine. A few months back, an international food chain Paramount Fine Foods has opened its restaurant in Karachi. The food chain already has its outlets in Canada and USA. Its specialty is offering authentic and remarkable Lebanese and Middle Eastern food in a cozy atmosphere.

One fine afternoon, we visited this new restaurant with our friends for lunch. The decision to try the food of Paramount Fine Foods was turned into an amazing experience because we liked the comfortable atmosphere and enjoyed a super yumlicious lunch.

Let’s have a look at the menu of Paramount Fine Foods. The Hummus and Pita bread was really a great starter to warm up for some great Middle Eastern dishes and desserts. Hummus is very popular recipe around the world and Paramount has added more taste to it by combining it with fresh Pita bread that enhances the flavor of hummus.

The Zaatar Manakeesh was another flavorsome dish. This was very different and unique taste. It is a thin crispy dough with the combination of different herbs. 

The highlight of the menu was mixed Grilled Platter. There were many tasty things arranged on platter, for example, the BBQ beef and chicken, falafel, Kafta, Sheesh-tawouk with salad and Tahini sauce. It was the best grilled meat that we have ever tasted.  

The Saj wrap and potato fries with fresh salad garnishing was one delicious dish that we liked the most. The marinated and grilled shrimps were also very tasty, you must order it for lunch or dinner. 

Paramount Fine Foods has a vast variety of desserts. You will fall in love with the wide range of tempting sweets like Baklawa and Kinafe, all displaying in glass showcases. The taste of different Baklawas is unique and the accurate amount of sweetness made them simply outstanding.

The menu also includes hot beverages like tea, coffee, cappuccino, café lattee and cold beverages includes mango juice, cocktail juice, strawberry juice and paramount special. We ordered plain water bottles because “Paramount Water Bottles” has some incentive of charity, with each order of water bottle Rs 5 is donated to Dar –Ul-Sukoon.

We would recommend that you should visit Paramount Fine Foods with your family and friends for the fresh delicious and healthy food. 


There is no doubt that this Paramount Fine Foods is a must-go restaurant, so we are giving it 5/5. 



How To Be Gorgeous This Wedding Season


All of us want to have a distinct style and stunning new look for the wedding functions. From dresses to matching bangles and from jewelry to stylish sandals, we all spend a lot of time, energy and money just to create our own unique individual style for Mayoun, Mehndi and Shaadi functions.

After this tiresome exercise, finalizing the makeup and three special hairstyles for three different functions is another difficult task. Trying new makeup trends is pretty easy as compared to new hairstyles. The reason is simple, new hairstyles require lots of styling and artificial hair products that make hairs weak, dull, dry and ultimately it becomes impossible to manage them. So, many of us feel contented with our one typical old hairstyle for every other occasion. 

We are quite sure that you people also have such feelings about your hairs. However, there is a secret for managing this problem; and we will reveal it at the end of this blog. To make it more interesting for all of you, there will be some hints between the lines about this secret thing. 

So, just relax and stop worrying about your joras (dresses), makeup and hairstyles this wedding season, because we have some tips and solutions for you.


We all know that Mayoun is a traditional function with yellow and orange color themes. So, go for some traditional dresses with modern fusion. Make a dress in contrasting colors of yellow, orange, red or shocking pink. You can pair a long flared shirt carrying a border of jamawar patti work with a choridaar pajama and a gotta patti dupatta. You can also have a more modern look with a Jamawar or banarsi pant with a short sleeveless shirt and long coat.

A light and soft makeup look is perfect for a mayoun function. Do wear matching bangles and large polki earrings to complete your look. A simple loose side braid wrapped with flowers enhances the overall mayoun dressing.


Mehndi is another colorful and fun filled event which includes lots of music and dancing. A traditional Gharara, Sharara and Lehenga is a perfect choice for a lively function. A short blouse or short shirt can be paired with these flared styles. If you are going to have an embroidered blouse or shirt, than keep your flared skirt plain. You can make your dress more attractive by adding multi-colors in blouse or dupatta.

Wear a bright lipstick and glittery eye makeup with a well-defined eye liner to compliment your dress. For mehndi function, do not tie or make a braid, instead go for a long loose curls with a stone studded matha patti; it will give you a very glamorous and trendy look.


It is a big-day; everything should look perfect and attractive. Your dressing should reflect your own unique style. A long velvet gown with embroidered neckline and borders looks dreamy for the shaadi function. You can also wear long sleeve zardozi short jacket over a sleeveless flared shirt or a maxi.

Shaadi makeup should be more glamorous than mehndi. Go for a smokey eye makeup with bold lipstick shade and eyeliner. Add a touch of shimmer to your makeup. An enchanting side swept long hairs with loose curls will make you a center of attraction. Do add a pear and diamante hair clips or slides.  


Have some more ideas of creating beautiful looks from Hania Aamir, who is looking absolutely gorgeous in this Sunsilk Thick and Long ad. She is flaunting some trendy dresses by designer Sania Maskatiya and Nomi Ansari and superb hairstyles that you can recreate at home. 

Now, let us reveal the big secret! 

We all know that a good quality shampoo and conditioner helps in achieving manageable hairs. Sunsilk’s new Thick & Long shampoo is enriched with Keratin yoghurt complex that provides all the essential nutrients for hair growth. It is an ultimate formula for healthy thick and long hairs that will help you in picking any hairstyle of your choice for any occasion.



Review - Essence XXXL Shine Lip Gloss - 37 Miss Watermelon


Lip-gloss works wonderfully and gives an attractive pampered look to your lips, especially if it is properly used on a lipstick or directly on lips; in both ways a lip gloss enhances the overall effect.

Some days back I started using an Essence lip gloss and my first impression was “not bad at all”. Actually I have gone through some bad reviews about it, so I was a little bit confused. But then I decided to give it a try and have my own experience with this lip gloss.

So, here I am sharing my review of Essence XXXL Shine Lip Gloss - 37 Miss Watermelon with all of you.

The Brand Claims: 

Essence cosmetics are quite affordable and can be purchased from any shopping mall. The drugstore brand has a long range of beauty products including eye makeup, foundations, creams and all kind of lip accessories.

Our Verdict:

The XXXL Shine Lip Gloss (37 Miss Watermelon) by Essence is in pinkish shade, a true watermelon color with a tint of shine and shimmer. This subtle shade is pretty beautiful as it provides a very refreshing look.

The packaging is an usual long transparent cylindrical tube with a tight cap. The applicator is a long one with a sponge tip that picks the right amount of the lip gloss, and helps in applying it in one swipe with an even look.

It works greatly if applied over a matte lipstick, as it adds a tad of silken polish to a dry matte look. It can be used directly on lips without any lipstick and looks good.

The formula of Essence XXXL Shine Lip Gloss is smooth and creamy but not very sticky. It has a normal consistency with moderate thickness that feels good on the lips. It can perfectly moisturize your lips.

There is a fruity fragrance that smells good. The staying power is not very good as it stays for just 1-2 hours and than you have to apply it again. This is the down side of the product.


I would recommend it to all of you because it is a nice lip gloss to add in your vanity. 



Review - Dove Silky Nourishment Body Cream


Silky and soft skin is everyone’s dream but it becomes a difficult task to maintain the softness of skin in winters. Dove has come up with a brilliant formula to resolve the problems of dry skin especially in winters.

Dove’s Silky Nourishment Body Cream is the ultimate moisturising cream that leaves you with nourished and silky soft skin. It contains exclusive Deep-Care Complex with skin natural nutrients that comforts the dryness and gives you a more beautifully radiant soft skin.

The formula has Petrolatum, Paraffinum Liquidum, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Glycol Stearate, Glyceryl Stearate, and rich essential oils, which gradually improve the condition of skin, by starting deep down moisturizing.

Our Verdict:

The Dove cream is oil free and its consistency is very much light in weight, means it does not feel heavy on skin. The consistency is neither too thick nor too thin. The cream is good for its deep absorbency quality. Once applied, the skin remains hydrated for approximately six to eight hours. It is an ideal product not only for winters but it also works wonderfully during summers.

For the maximum best results, use Dove cream on daily basis. The regular Dove skin care routine will leave you with a silky smooth skin. The mildly scented Dove cream is appropriate for all over body use.


The 300 ml white plastic container packaging is enough for a single person to use it for nearly two months. The tight lid packaging is not easy to carry in a hand bag, but as the result is enormously good, you can not leave it at your home. So, use a small makeup container to fill it with Dove cream and carry it with yourself where ever you are going.


It is easily available every where and the price is very affordable.


We recommend Dove’s Silky Nourishment Body Cream because of its good absorbency and non greasy formula.