How To Be Gorgeous This Wedding Season


All of us want to have a distinct style and stunning new look for the wedding functions. From dresses to matching bangles and from jewelry to stylish sandals, we all spend a lot of time, energy and money just to create our own unique individual style for Mayoun, Mehndi and Shaadi functions.

After this tiresome exercise, finalizing the makeup and three special hairstyles for three different functions is another difficult task. Trying new makeup trends is pretty easy as compared to new hairstyles. The reason is simple, new hairstyles require lots of styling and artificial hair products that make hairs weak, dull, dry and ultimately it becomes impossible to manage them. So, many of us feel contented with our one typical old hairstyle for every other occasion. 

We are quite sure that you people also have such feelings about your hairs. However, there is a secret for managing this problem; and we will reveal it at the end of this blog. To make it more interesting for all of you, there will be some hints between the lines about this secret thing. 

So, just relax and stop worrying about your joras (dresses), makeup and hairstyles this wedding season, because we have some tips and solutions for you.


We all know that Mayoun is a traditional function with yellow and orange color themes. So, go for some traditional dresses with modern fusion. Make a dress in contrasting colors of yellow, orange, red or shocking pink. You can pair a long flared shirt carrying a border of jamawar patti work with a choridaar pajama and a gotta patti dupatta. You can also have a more modern look with a Jamawar or banarsi pant with a short sleeveless shirt and long coat.

A light and soft makeup look is perfect for a mayoun function. Do wear matching bangles and large polki earrings to complete your look. A simple loose side braid wrapped with flowers enhances the overall mayoun dressing.


Mehndi is another colorful and fun filled event which includes lots of music and dancing. A traditional Gharara, Sharara and Lehenga is a perfect choice for a lively function. A short blouse or short shirt can be paired with these flared styles. If you are going to have an embroidered blouse or shirt, than keep your flared skirt plain. You can make your dress more attractive by adding multi-colors in blouse or dupatta.

Wear a bright lipstick and glittery eye makeup with a well-defined eye liner to compliment your dress. For mehndi function, do not tie or make a braid, instead go for a long loose curls with a stone studded matha patti; it will give you a very glamorous and trendy look.


It is a big-day; everything should look perfect and attractive. Your dressing should reflect your own unique style. A long velvet gown with embroidered neckline and borders looks dreamy for the shaadi function. You can also wear long sleeve zardozi short jacket over a sleeveless flared shirt or a maxi.

Shaadi makeup should be more glamorous than mehndi. Go for a smokey eye makeup with bold lipstick shade and eyeliner. Add a touch of shimmer to your makeup. An enchanting side swept long hairs with loose curls will make you a center of attraction. Do add a pear and diamante hair clips or slides.  


Have some more ideas of creating beautiful looks from Hania Aamir, who is looking absolutely gorgeous in this Sunsilk Thick and Long ad. She is flaunting some trendy dresses by designer Sania Maskatiya and Nomi Ansari and superb hairstyles that you can recreate at home. 

Now, let us reveal the big secret! 

We all know that a good quality shampoo and conditioner helps in achieving manageable hairs. Sunsilk’s new Thick & Long shampoo is enriched with Keratin yoghurt complex that provides all the essential nutrients for hair growth. It is an ultimate formula for healthy thick and long hairs that will help you in picking any hairstyle of your choice for any occasion.



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