Yes, Google Map Can Help You Find Parking!


How many times you have faced parking issues? We know your simple answer would be "several times". We also face parking problems in our city and would always scream "why there isn't enough parking for all people". However, some gurus are trying hard to solve this problem for all of us.

Google Map will have a new free trait that relief you from headache of parking, save time and upturn your work efficiency. The app’s newest beta form offers turn-by-turn warnings for the desirable and nearest parking space.

It will show three different classes “easy,” “medium” and “limited” with a small “P” sign, to let drivers know the parking condition at their stopping place. While steering, the driver can enlarge the turn-by-turn directions to see a more specified description for the direction and finding a parking. If there will be no parking, the new feature will warn you about it.

The latest Google item seems to be working for Android 4.3 and up, on the Maps beta and it is accessible through APK Mirror download. Right now Google is beta testing this newly added feature.

We are eagerly waiting to use this new helpful feature and hope that it will become most accurate parking app. Tell us your expectations about the Google Map Parking feature. 



  1. This is great..parking is always a problem
    thank you

  2. Great post dear! ♥
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  3. Interesting post my dear, thank you for sharing :-)

  4. Amazing! I like it a lot.

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