Servis Tyres Launches Its New Ad Campaign

Photo edited by Oh Lady Mania
Servis Tyres TVC ‘Chalti Rahay Zindagi’ featuring Shaan, Danish Taimoor and Hamza Ali Abbasi

The brand Servis Tyres is a premium name in motorcycle Tyres and Tubes in Pakistan. It continues to innovate new tyre designs on regular basis. With a diverse portfolio of products, the company caters to all customers segments, be it an OEM, replacement market or an export customer. 

Servis Tyres, the trusted market leaders, has recently launched its new campaign with a star studded commercial. 

Servis Tyres left a trail of success with its previous TVC starring Shaan and took the challenge of penetrating in the market with effective advertising. The past TVC gave a massive uplift to the brand setting the bar high for any new communication to follow. 

A still from the new TVC of ServisTyre featuring Shaan Shahid, Hamza Ali Abbasi & Danish Taimoor

The concept of the new TVC of Servis tyres is inspired by the youth of today who are passionate about living life to its fullest. A life which is cultivated with friendship, love and adrenaline rush. They are the ones who experience life.

Depicting this youth, the idea is a song showing young bikers as they live a side of life that everyone would always wish for.

The New TVC Of Servis Tyres 

‘Chalti Rahay Zindagi’ showcases three friends as they set on a dream road trip.  What makes it even better is the stardom seen in this commercial. Superstars like Shaan Shahid, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Danish Taimoor have changed the face of the TVC with their very cool biker getup as they ride across different terrains on heavy bikes. 

Keeping the TVC very relatable to the audience, we see the group of friends in different locations while experiencing all the excitement that life has to offer. 

A Still from Servis Tyre TVC

Thinking of exploring Pakistan with friends ? Use ServisTyre  for a comfy road trip!

Servis Tyres‬ unveils its new TVC‬ featuring Pakistan‬'s stylish superstar‬‪ ShaanShahid‬

While the encapsulating words draw the attention, the composition takes the listener to another world.  With the background score sung by Ali Zafar, his vocals have surely done justice to the complete look & feel of the TVC.

By all means, this TVC will surely grip the viewers’ attention and will remain a highlight for many years to come.

Superstars Shaan Shahid In Servis Tyres TVC 



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  2. Interesting post dear!!!

  3. Nice photos...the sport looks very interesting. I would like to try it someday :) Kika – Blog for smile

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