Movie Review - Shah Rukh Khan as "FAN"

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It has been seven days since Bollywood movie Fan is making headlines. It may be the story or the acting of the lead actor or the crisp chases, Fan touched the hearts of Shah Rukh Khan’s fans and boiled the blood of his haters.

It is a story of a young boy Gaurav who loves to act in local acting contest “Superstar Sitara Competition” and dreams to make it big like his idol superstar Aryaan Khanna. Gaurav is a lookalike of Aryan and that’s why he calls himself Junior and loves to refer Aryaan as Senior. After winning the Sitara competition, he went to Mumbai to meet his most favourite Iconic actor. Unfortunately, he failed in his attempt to see his Senior.

In quest to attract Aryaan’s attention, Gaurav did some nasty as well as illegal activity. His attempt became successful when Aryaan took notice of all the mess that he created to attract the famous celebrity.

Gaurav was surprised when Aryaan disliked his fandom and from this point onwards, Junior started planning messy things against Senior.

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Both characters of Gaurav and Aryaan are being played by the heartthrob of Bollywood “Shah Rukh Khan”. Bollywood viewers are well aware of his acting skills, but the way SRK played the double role of an obsessed fan and a huge film star showed his level of brilliance and perfection.

SRK compelled us to believe the innocence and the cunning side of Gaurav, at the same time, he gained our sympathies for 48 years old Aryaan. The level of SRK’s acting confuses his viewers throughout the film. In few scenes, people love to support Gaurav, but in next few scenes they understand Aryaan’s feelings and want to defend him.

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As a director, Maneesh Sharma did a good job by taking the full advantage of SRK in a double role and the services of makeup artist Greg Cannom, but failed to impress the audience through his thrilling story. He added unnecessary action sequences, pointless chases in an overly stretched storyline.

Watch only if you want to enjoy SRK’s outstanding performance and exotic locations with lots of action sequences, otherwise you will be disappointed due to its average predictable plot.


We think that 2.5 out of 5 will be enough for this FAN.



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