Body Makeover Challenge


BodyBeat Recreational Center (BBRC) proudly announces the first advanced fitness challenge of its kind, Body Makeover Challenge. BBRC invites the most renowned fitness gurus and instructors to come and compete under one roof. Amongst the participants are Mohammad Wasif, Mantaha Tareen, Rizwan Noor, Nusrat Hidayatullah, Zeeshan Shafi, Torsam Tajik, Ahmed, Amir Anees and many others.

The session will begin by an advanced fitness class directed by Mohammad Wasif and his team. Mohammad Wasif has been merited with a certification from Shapes Health Stuido that relies on ACSM guidelines. He participated in fitness workshops for TRX, Cross Fit, Sports specific training, Nutrition, Biomechanics (Human Body Movements with Dr. Mark Slaven RTS123). He is also the lead Fitness Expert for BBRC program BodyMakeOver

Following the advanced class will be the challenges.

Challenge 1: handstandpushups - Ticket to Dubai 
Challenger 2: 
staticsquat - Tissot Watch 
Challenge 3: 
pushupchallenge - Scensation voucher
Challenge 4: 
plankoneleglifted - Scensation voucher 
Challenge 5: 
oneminutecurlup - Scensation voucher
Challenge 6: 
dancersize - Scensation voucher 



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