Coke Studio Season 9 Grand Finale


Coke Studio Season 9 will culminate with the Finale, releasing the last episode on digital on September 23, followed by television airing on Saturday, September 24. Episode 7 will the longest episode of the Season, featuring a traditional cover duet of the kalaam, Aaj Rung Hai, by Amjad Sabri and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. This is the last recorded qawaali by Amjad Sabri before his tragic and untimely death, and as such it is being looked forward to with huge anticipation by the entire nation.

As opposed to the previous 6 episodes featuring 4 songs each, there will be a total of 6 songs in the grand finale seventh episode. Besides Rung, the other songs are Nima Nima by Shani, Tu Kuja Man Kuja, cover by Shiraz Uppal and Rafaqat Ali Khan, Sab Jag Soye, by Shuja and Quratulain Baloch, Dil Kamla by Faakhir and Natasha Khan and O Re by Noori.

Season 9 of Coke Studio was remarkable in terms of the many innovations it introduced and the new records it established. Just before the Season started, the first innovation introduced was a special set-up, Coke Studio for the Deaf, which used latest technology to enable hearing impaired people experience the music of Coke Studio in a unique way. A second innovation was the production of the songs for the season by 6 different music directors, under the overall lead of the executive producers, Strings. Season 9 also featured the most artists of any season, with 40 singers performing solo or in a duet with another artist, and 35 musicians in the house band, adding great depth to the season.

The popularity of Coke Studio also reached new heights with Season 9, which even before the last episode still to come had crossed 100 million views and plays on digital media. The Season was made available in one format or the other on no less than 13 digital platforms


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