Review - Oriflame's Feet-up Advanced Foot Cream


Almost everyone experiences dry cracked heels in winter season. Your overall dressing becomes zero as soon as people notice your cracked heels. It is really very embarrassing for any one to have rough feet. Women with damaged heels and dry feet feel always hesitant to wear open sandals or going out without wearing socks. So, they want to have a lasting solution for their this problem.

Many foot creams and lotions are available in market to heal dry cracked heels, but, usually these creams take a lot of time to repair the heels. However, Oriflame has come up with an advanced formula to take good care of your feet. 

The Brand Claims

Oriflame is a 70 years old trusted cosmetic brand among makeup junkies all over the world. We have already written reviews about different cosmetic products of Oriflame. You can read them in the following links.

Let's check out what we have to say about Oriflame's foot cream.

Our Verdict

Feet-up Advanced Foot Cream comes in 75 ml, light grey plastic tube with a tightly fitted green cap. The cream itself is in white colour and has a pleasant smell that would not bother you. 

The packaging is really travel friendly. You can carry it in your hand bag easily to use it time to time.

The texture of this foot cream is not very thin, but it is thicker than lotion consistency. Light massage can help it penetrate deep in to the cracks to heal them. You can apply it easily without any annoyance and this cream would not compel you to take a seat for hours to wait for complete foot cream absorption.

It works wonderfully if applied overnight. Due to long application period, it easily softens & moisturizes the foot by keeping the skin fully hydrated. Another good quality of this cream is that it’s not a greasy one like many other creams available in market.

The usage of Feet-up Advanced foot cream prevent the cracks from coming again. In the dry weather, it gives very good result as the dry rough feet remains completely moisturized. Daily usage provides a relieving and soothing effect for rough skin and cracked heel.


Oriflame’s Feet-up Advanced foot cream should be in your next shopping list, if you really want to avoid cracked, damaged heels, dry skin and looking for a quick remedy to relax your tired achy feet.

We are giving this cream 5 out of 5.


Oriflame’s Feet-up Advanced Foot Cream is easily available online on their official Website: Oriflame

It can be ordered through Oriflame’s authorized consultants in your area as well.



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