Review - Oriflame Offers A Wide Range Of Lipsticks For Every Occasion


We all like to buy different lipsticks with distinct texture and pigmentation; the selection of shades are always as per our desire and requirement. However, it is really difficult to find all desired shades from the same makeup brand. Even top-notch brands fail to offer variety of shades, and frankly speaking this is a big turn off for all makeup lovers.

Oriflamea fifty years old direct selling cosmetics company, is one of the most trusted cosmetic brands that offer a huge variety of quality products. 

The brand has particularly introduced a wide range of high quality lipsticks in numerous hues and tones to satisfy their customers’ need. This is the reason, Oriflame has been appreciated by women all over the world.

Today, we will cover the detailed review (sorry readers, please read it as "long review") of two different Oriflame lipstick collections.

Our Verdict: 

We have used these Oriflame lipsticks for a couple of weeks before writing this review. So, now we can say that these lipsticks are rich in color with smooth creamy finish. They are really good when it comes to “care for lips hydration”. All lipsticks can glide over your lips very easily and do not need extra lip-gloss or lip balm. The packaging is lightweight and easy to carry in a small bag. Both the Pure Color and The One range has numerous shades, which will make you confuse in your color selection.

Now you can read the detailed review of the four different shades. 

Pure Colour Lipstick – Silver Pink

It is a combination of pinkish shade with a silver touch. It has a shiny and creamy effect that helps in moisturizing the lips. It is very easy to apply; it has “glides over the lips” tendency and gives you a desired look without using any lip-gloss. The Pure Color range has a 4-6 hours staying power. 

The bullet-shaped lipsticks are easy to carry in small clutch or handbag. The beautifully pigmented creamy lipsticks come in plastic packaging with a transparent cap. There is a variety of colors in this specific range and the most important factor is that they all are available in affordable price.

Pure Colour Lipstick – Tempting Brown

The bullet shaped Tempting brown from the Pure Color Lipstick range is the most beautiful shade. With two to three swipes you will get your desired darker shade. However, the single swipe gives a really tempting brownish shade to match any outfit. 

It has a brilliant satin finish;  there will be no need to apply any lip gloss. This lipstick gives a very smooth texture and perfectly moisturizes your lips. The staying power is low with only 2 hours.

The One 5-In-1 Colour Stylist Lipstick - Cranberry blush 

Cranberry blush of the One 5-In-1 Colour stylist lipstick is a beautiful rich shade with a strong creamy texture that provides good coverage. The presence of cocoa butter helps in hydration and moisturizes lips very well. 

The highly pigmented shade gives a perfect hue in one swipe. If you want a deeper dreamy look, go for multiple swipes. It glides over the lips very easily and gives a satin finish. 

The staying power is 5 to 6 hours. The 5-In-1 Colour Stylist Lipsticks are available in variety of beautiful shades.

The ONE Colour Unlimited Matte Lipstick - Coral Matte

The Coral Matte from ONE Colour Unlimited Matte Lipstick is another fine addition into your makeup box. It has a sleek packaging, perfect for carrying it in a handbag. The orangish shade slim lipstick has a promising coverage. Although it has a matte finish but it is smooth enough to glide over your lips. It helps in hydration just like a lip balm. The fruity smell lipstick stays for around 4 hours easily.


All Oriflame cosmetics including the lipstick range is easily available on their official Website Oriflame.

It can be ordered through Oriflame’s authorized consultants in your area as well. 


The Oriflame’s lipstick range is perfect for sensational and exciting shades. Our rating for these lovely lipsticks is 5/5 and we recommend it to all of you!

So, dear friends, do share your thoughts in comment section about the Oriflame Lipstick range.



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