Review - Cornetto Pop Rock Song Yeh Kya Huwa Is A Catchy Tune


After the successful completion of season one, the Cornetto Pop Rock is once again back with its season 2. The first music video Yeh Kya Huwa for the new season has been recently released.

Yeh Kya Huwa is sung by Pakistan's pop singer Komal Rizvi. The music video is produced by Saad Sultan and directed by film director Wajahat Rauf. The choreography is done by Wahab Shab, while the styling has been done by seasoned stylist Ehtesham Ansari.


Komal Rizvi whose duet ‘Desan Da Raja’ with Qurram Hussain of band Josh from season 1, won Google Award for the fourth most watched video on YouTube, now brings a solo catchy tune for the youth. It is light yet energetic with parts from the classic Chitta Kukkar Banere Te, the song brings a fresh take on the traditional music. 

The concept of the video is based on youngsters having fun and enjoying the company of a pop singer, as they all dance on the beats of the song.

Komal Rizvi shared her experience of Cornetto Pop Rock 2, “I’m so excited this season. The success of ‘Desan Da Raja’ inspired me to make this song. I have written this song aiming it to be simple and fun that puts on a smile on faces and then throw in a classic nostalgic tune in a contemporary fashion. It was so much fun working on this song and I hope people enjoy it as much as I loved the process.”

Director Wajahat Rauf said, “It was a pleasure working on this video for the reason that the songs were exceptionally good! And it’s always fun to work with a youth brand that brings with it a lot of energy.”

Choreographer Wahab Shah explained the concept of his choreography, “Yeh Kya Huwa is a true party anthem with amazing recall value. It’s so catchy anyone can dance to it. It’s a perfect song to play during traffic jams to lighten the mood.”



  1. Great tune!!! :D

    1. yes, it is very entertaining, Thank you for liking it dear :)

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