Use Yogurt For Healthy Skin And Hairs


Yogurt is the best home remedy for skin and hairs. There are so many nutrients in yogurt that help human skin and hairs to gain extra health in many ways.  Women have always used curd as beauty supplement for a healthy skin.

Plain yogurt has marvellous effects on skin. When applied directly to face without mixing any thing in it, yogurt helps in natural oil production. It alleviates the problems related to pimples and acne.

Curd has anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing skin rashes and acne redness. It also moisturizes the dry skin in all seasons and gives extra help in tightening facial tissues. Thus helps as anti-ageing agent.

If you regularly apply plain yogurt on your face, within few days you will see a change in skin texture with diminishing blemishes and freckles.

Yogurt is also an excellent hair mask and conditioner for dry scalp. Women use yogurt, mixed with different things, to enhance the health of their hairs.

Plain yogurt when applied directly to hairs reduces dandruff problem, gives extra shine and enhances natural healthy texture.

Yogurt hair mask is also good for speedy hair growth, because it reduces split ends and promotes hair follicle growth.



  1. yoğurt is so good for healty especially wonan healty :) thanks for sharing ...

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  7. Yogurt is good for planty of problems. Good yogurt. There are plenty of natural, chip and simply method of care, treatment etc. but big companies pay for articles about different miracle, unique and expensive products which may help us in every problem. After a few years people forget about natural method and begin use those new ones as normal. And busisness is grow. Welcome in the new world :)