Mein Hero Is A Journey Of Finding A Hero Within Oneself


Mein Hero (I am a hero) is an initiative for the youth of Pakistan. It took 8 months, 3 schools, 750 participants and over 200 plus hours to develop “Hero” storylines by combining narratives, values, problem solutions and story writing skills of students to understand local issues and importance of individual actions.

The selected inspirational stories have been converted into comic books and adapted as theatre plays. These will also broadcast via radio in future. It is also converted in a short documentary.

The initiative is taken by AzCorp Entertainment, a for-profit social enterprise, to celebrate and enable unsung heroes of Pakistan, who represent the true spirit of a hero by making a positive change in their respective communities.

The vision is to relate heroes through thought provoking dialogues, critical thinking, social consciousness and positive approach. It provided meaningful and entertaining storytelling comprising of civics, social justice and gender equality based themes.

The ceremony held at NAPA was a token of appreciation from participants to unsung heroes like Mahnoor Baloch who runs her own driving school and Sohail Khan who runs a school with free education to poor children. It included the launch of small teasers of their journey and role for the benefit of community.

Along with this the ceremony also staged a play, written and performed by the participants from three partnered schools in Liyari, Shireen Jinnah Colony and Malir. The theatre play gave message about inter-faith harmony, multiculturalism, challenges faced by the communities and taking ownership of social problems.



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