Alliance Of Alpha Supermarket and EZDAAM


Alpha Supermarket and EZDAAM.com collaborated to offer customers a unique online 24 hours round the clock grocery shopping experience and delivery service. It will offer convenience and reliability while ordering groceries and other exclusive products online.

Alpha Supermarket is the exclusive partner of Tesco in Pakistan. The products will include Tesco Goodness, Tesco Finest and Tesco Every Day. EZDAAM is the digital commerce platform for retail shopping in Pakistan; it believes in enhancing the customer’s online shopping experience through building a name of trust.

Through this strategic alliance, EZDAAM will offer online groceries from Alpha supermarket; along with home delivery service by making customer’s shopping experience better.

Adnan Hamid, the CEO of Alpha supermarket states, “We are here to provide our customer excellent products and service that fulfill their need at the right price & convenience; our friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff will help and assist, educate and empower our customers.”

He also said that with EZDAAM collaboration, Alpha supermarket will take customer’s shopping experience to another level of accessibility and comfort. Fakhr-e-Alam, the founder and owner of EZDAAM, aims to offer convenient and trustworthy grocery shopping solution for Pakistan’s customers at their door step.

The contract signing ceremony of EzDaam.com & Alpha Supermarket/TESCO was attended by a large number of TV and Film celebrities. 



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