Review - Fair & Lovely BB Foundation + Fairness Cream


Last week we came across a small Fair & Lovely stall in a shopping mall. The representative girls asked us to try a new product by the same brand. They showed us the Fair & Lovely BB cream. The price was so cheap that it tempted us badly and we instantly decided to buy it.

We used this BB cream for few days and today we will share our review about it. Let's have a look at the brand's claim.

The Brand Claims:

New fair & Lovely BB cream is an expert product that brings together foundation and advanced multi-vitamin fairness cream, for instant fair look, coverage of dark spots and blemishes. It evens skin tone and gives sun protection because of its SPF 15. It has a matte and non-oily feel.


The packaging is a small tidy tube with a white color cap. Due to its small size, it can be labelled as travel friendly. You can even carry it in your shoulder handbag without any problem. It doesn’t leak in my bag, so I can say that it is safe to carry it in your bag.

It contains 18 gm of Fair & Lovely BB foundation + fairness cream.

Our Verdict:

This BB cream gives natural look with non-oily effect. The texture is neither very thick nor thin, and due to this balanced consistency it gives a nice smooth look. The texture is awesome to hide skin blemishes and dark spots. The foundation + fairness BB cream provides sun protection because of the presence of sunscreens SPF 15. There is a specific strong smell or fragrance like some fruity thing with a touch of a rose.

The fair & Lovely BB cream has matte finish and upon applying with finger tips, it gives an even blended look without shine. The matte formula is not very favorable for dry skin tone as it is not helpful in moisturizing the dry skin. However, for normal to oily skin, it is a good combination BB cream.

There are no shade options available in this BB cream. The only one shade available is workable for medium complexion. Its shade looks extra whitish on dark skin types, while for fair ones; this nude shade BB cream is a little bit darker.

It is a product that can be suitable for women who love to have non-oily textured BB cream with strong fragrance. It will be highly suitable for them. But, for those women who like to have some extra moisturizing effect, will not like it to use it. 

However, for normal / combination skin, the non-greasy effect and long lasting moisturising effect can be very helpful in the winter weather.


Fair & Lovely BB Cream is easily available in shopping malls.


This is our first ever experience with any Fair & Lovely product. We can conclude our review with these words that some women would love to use this Fair & Lovely BB Cream while there will be some women who would be hesitant to use it because of its single shade with matte formula.

It can be said that it is tricky product with a complex results depending on user’s experience. For combination skin, Fair & Lovely BB cream is a nice option. 



  1. Too bad it's available in only one shade, but it looks nice otherwise :)


    1. yes, it is a good product, but single shade is a bad news. :)

  2. great post... have a nice day...

  3. Seems a very goos product, too bad it's available in only one shade!
    I wonder why only one?

  4. Sounds like it's nice BB cream, but just Silvia, I wonder why it is available in one shade only?


    1. yes, it is so sad.

      Thank you so much for your response :)

  5. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

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