Pond's Think Pink Session Speaks About Breast Cancer


October is dedicated to spread "Breast Cancer Awareness" all over the world. The annual awareness campaign is focused to highlight the importance of early detection, treatment and prevention of this ailment.

In Pakistan, breast cancer is the fastest growing form of cancer among women, with around 90,000 new cases and nearly 40,000 deaths annually. According to local statistics, every 9th woman is at risk of breast cancer in Pakistan. The fatal consequences of the disease can be reduced if a healthy lifestyle is maintained and it can be totally prevented with proper awareness, support and education among the masses.

This year, the beauty brand Pond’s started a breast cancer awareness campaign in Pakistan with the help of its health experts. In this regard, Pond’s Pakistan recently hosted an informative breast cancer awareness session "Think Pink" to spread the knowledge for a better and healthier future.

The event was held at Avari Towers with Pink color inspired creative theme. Clad in pink, women supported the session and gained a lot of information about the illness and cultural taboos attached to it.

Pond’s Think Pink session was conducted by Doctor Kashifa Ehsan from Shaukat Khanum Cancer hospital and Doctor Yasmine. Both doctors stressed the significance of self-examination, early detection and provided their expertise regarding signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, misconceptions and psychological disorders of the deadly disease.

The session highlighted following important points to keep in mind concerning breast cancer.

Always remember that Breast Cancer is not a genetic illness.

For prevention, make sure you do regular self-examination to detect any abnormalities. In case of any suspicion, get yourself checked by a doctor.

Pakistan’s young women in their 20s and 30s should have a medical breast exam after three years.

Do regular exercise to reduce the chances of breast cancer.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle with balanced diet to avoid such illness.

Regular intake of vegetables and fruits reduces the risk of cancer.

Keep in mind that not all lumps are cancerous, hence it is best to seek medical help if there is any lump in breast.

Never be embarrassed to talk about breast abnormalities or consulting a doctor.

Last but not least, always remember that prevention is better than cure. So, make a promise to yourself to take care of yourself.

Stay healthy and safe!



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