Mondelez Pakistan Launched Sugar-Free Gum Trident


Everyone likes chewing gum, some enjoy the refreshing taste and for others chewing gum is just a habit. But, most of the varieties of chewing gums available in markets are not sugar free. It is a fact, that consuming extra sugar through beverages, toffees, sweets and chewing gums, is injurious to health and can cause many health related issues and serious problems.

To find taste and sugar free, the two most important benefits, in one single chewing gum is really difficult. The only brand that is offering both benefits, is one and only Trident. It is a world renowned brand that has come-up with variety of tastes; and it is amazing that all these refreshing chewing gums are sugar-free.

Mondelez Pakistan recently imported Trident for its Pakistani fans. We are really Thankful to Mondelez Pakistan for sending us lovely goodies with lots of Trident gums. We loved the amazing taste of these gums that came in eye catching packaging.

In local market, Trident is available in two formats and four flavours. The flavor Mints includes Spearmint and Peppermint, the others are strawberry and watermelon in fruit flavor. 

Trident gum has an in-depth history associated with its name; it was launched in 1964 and was the first delicious tasting sugarless gum. It is also interesting to know that Trident actually started its journey as being introduced as the first patented sugarless gum and since its inception till date; it has been the household favourite, given its superior brand image and great taste.

Trident is a world renowned brand; sold in more than 70 countries across the globe, under the various sibling brand names. For example, it is known as Beldent in Argentina, First in Turkey, Hollywood in France, Dirol in Russia, and Stomirol in most of Europe and Africa.

Trident’s worldwide image is based on fun and outgoing characteristics, for instance, witty, relatable, straightforward, unexpected, and bold. The tagline ‘refreshes the mouth and mind’, has been very aptly devised considering Trident’s functional attributes and its image that focuses on breaking stereotypes and becoming the best version of yourself. There are some very interesting facts that shape this very brand image of Trident into that of a sporty and fun loving product and these depict the story of the brand itself.

Following are some of the interesting facts associated with Trident:

Trident is the first gum in space:
It has been in every space shuttle mission since 1981. In the 1960s, NASA selected Trident gum as the official chewing gum for the Gemini space flights.

Trident Fan-Following:
Another amazing fact about Trident is its Facebook community; it has more than 14 million Trident lovers around the world.

Skyrocketing Sales Figure:
Trident had over $1 billion in annual sales globally in 2015.

Global Reach:
Being a favourite gum, Trident is easily available in more than 70 countries.

Did you know what chewing gum can do to your brain?

You feel more composed: There is a rhythmic motion associated with chewing gum which is proven to reduce nervous energy and help you feel calm.

It reduces stress: Chewing reduces levels of cortisol, the hormone most closely used to mark stress.

It improves your memory: It’s been proven that chewing gum enhances working and long-term memory and increases serotonin to the brain that can make you feel more content.

It keeps you focused: People have been proven to accomplish mental tasks 20% faster when chewing gum. Recall your Math preparations?

It makes you more alert: Chewing gum allows you to moderate your attention and keep you in the moment.

So what’s your reason for chewing Trident gum?



  1. Cool! Thanx for share! :)

  2. I didn't know there were so many benefits to chewing gums!


    1. It is amazing that chewing gum can be so beneficial for our health :)

  3. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

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