Cornetto Pop Rock Presents Ye Zindagi By Noori


Cornetto Pop Rock announced the launch of sixth and final music video YE ZINDAGI, performed by Noori. The song is written by Ali Hamza.

The video is produced by the Frame Collective and directed by Aleena Naghman with Hamza Yousaf as Director of Photography. The song features a refreshing rock music and style, the reminiscent of Noori.

Talking about the video, lead vocalist and guitarist of band Noori, Ali Noor said that the setting of the video and the locations used depict the lighter side of life amidst the struggle for aims and ambitions.

“Ali Hamza wrote the song about the fact that despite all the hurdles one faces, life has to move on. Regardless of the twists and turns that keep changing the pace of life we must ensure that our focus is on the prime objective of living life to the fullest; to discover things in life, explore one’s capabilities and to learn and re-learn from our mistakes.”

The rock maestro also said that he thoroughly enjoyed being a part of Cornetto Pop Rock Season 1, created by BodyBeat Events & PR and Empact Activations, as he believed the platform can help revive the country’s music industry. 

“It was a great experience working with Cornetto Pop Rock. The platform has a lot to offer to the music industry and certainly has a bright future. One thing that I appreciated throughout the campaign was the level autonomy that we had while working on the songs, which allowed us to apply our ideas and concepts. While on the other hand there was a lot that we learned during the process. I think BIY music couldn’t have gotten a better start than this since we are all for creating original music for the public that reflects feelings and emotions they can relate to. We are pleased that Cornetto Pop Rock provided this opportunity and we wish them all the best. I hope that they come in bigger and stronger next year.”



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