Pakistan Breaks Guinness World Record For The Largest Cookie Mosaic


To mark the celebrations of Pakistan’s 70 years of independence, the leading food brand of the country, Peek Freans Sooper, a marque of English Biscuit manufacturers, came up with a unique idea of breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest cookie mosaic.

The Peek Freans Sooper’s team broke the record with a huge Pakistani flag, made up of 150,000 plus cookies in white and green colour, and measuring around 226.51 m2 (2,438.15 ft2). The cookie mosaic that was held in Islamabad, was completed in 6.5 hours on the day of independence, August 14.

Dr. Zeelaf Munir, Managing Director and CEO, EBM and the team with the Record-breaking Cookie Mosaic
The most significant aspect of this world record was that after the successful completion of flag mosaic for Guinness world record, all of the cookies used were distributed in custom built packages to different charities across Pakistan. The cookies were prepared as per the hygienic rules, and monitored by food inspectors all the time during flag mosaic preparations. The participants used hand-sanitizers, hair, shoe mitts, and gloves just to ensure each cookie remains clean and germ-free for consumption.

All the members of this remarkable event, including cricketers Shoaib Akhtar, Younus Khan, showbiz celebrities Adnan Siddiqui, Hareem Farooq and other well-known Pakistanis, took part in it with immense passion and excitement. They placed each cookie side by side to create the largest cookie mosaic. Their efforts finally paid off as soon as Guinness World Records’ team verified the challenge of breaking the world record as an achievement.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Zeelaf Munir, EBM Managing Director and CEO, said, “We are a nation that is continuously rebuilding, reshaping and pushing forward – no matter what the odds. Our campaign, ‘Sooper Hai Pakistan’ seeks to highlight this national positivity by disseminating content that is the exact opposite of what the popular media continues to cover.”

Ayesha Janjua, EBM Head of Marketing said, ‘Pakistanis are brimming with raw talent; surpassing the world’s expectations on each and every pivotal moment and the participation of EBM sales and marketing team in this historic event demonstrates the true spirit of every Pakistani.”

Congratulations to Pakistan and Peek Freans Sooper who made the history by bringing home a Guinness World Records title on the day of the country's 70th Independence. 

Thank you Peek Freans for turning nation's Azaadi celebrations more extraordinary and memorable. Indeed Sooper Hai Pakistan!

You can visit Peek Freans here:

Web: EBM
Instagram: Sooper Pakistan
Twitter: Sooper Pakistan



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