Book Launch - Basila & The Street Crew


The launch of  comic book Basila and the Street Crew was held at The Second Floor. The launching ceremony was attended by activist Kami Sid, Actor Adnan Shah Tipu, Journalist  Zarrar Khuhro and Environmentalist Afia Salam. 

Basila & The Street Crew is a story of a an orphaned girl Basila and her aunt, a transgender woman who sets out to make a difference in the community. She fights social ills through the civic participation. She takes challenge to teach homeless aspiring artists to pursue their passion through painting, visual messages of love, peace and interfaith harmony on public walls and open spaces. Streets of Karachi are her classrooms and the city walls are her canvas.

The book also draws attention to a very important theme of social inclusion by introducing a transgender character. Riffat Apa, the aunt of the protagonist, is the leading character. She also shares the same passion for the country and her surroundings like Basila.

“More than anything, the transgender community of Pakistan wants acceptance”, said Anain Shaikh, the co-creator and illustrator of Basila and the Street Crew. “We've aimed to neither glorify nor victimize a transgender person but to rather show them in everyday roles such as a parent, or a mentor", she added.

"Like many comic books, Basila and the Street Crew begins in tragedy. After a vicious attack, our hero is left a vulnerable orphan in a dangerous world. Here, coming to her aid is the transgender community, who raise her with the love and training she needs to survive", said Noman Ansari, the lead writer of the series.

The aspect at large that Basila and the Street Crew aims to highlight though, is active citizenship and civic participation. Through this series, the idea that any citizen regardless of his/her social status, ethnicity, gender, race, or religion, can volunteer to make a difference. Targeted at teens and young adults, the comic book aims to invoke a sense of responsibility within its readers, so the future of this country can collectively work towards its betterment, with the resources they have. 

The book launching event was attended by media persons, students, sponsors and  bloggers.

Photo Credit: Basila and the Street Crew Facebook and Azcorp Comics.



  1. That's interesting! I would love to read it! X Anna Ziuzina

  2. This is a great book to open our minds to our brothers and sister who are part of the LGBT! Dr. Christian Farthing

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