National Foods Empowering Women, Definitely Not A Failure!


Gone are the days, when women were supposed to spent their lives in the heat of kitchen just to show the love and care they have for their families. The 21st century women have introduced a new concept of spending less time in kitchen while still showing their affection and carefulness for the loved ones.

Today’s modern women select those things that are not time consuming, for example, ready to wear, ready to cook, and most importantly, the hygienic ready to use recipe mixes. Many people, particularly, the older ones, still think that this kind of mentality to choose easy-to-go things, is actually a sign of laziness and failure.

However, smart women have a very valid answer to this accusation. They establish their point of view by saying that instead of killing precious time in front of stoves, one should take sahulat (facility) of easily available balanced spices for cooking. This is the best way to save time to complete other important chores. Moreover, such sahulat gives women a lot of spare time to spend with their children, husband and other family members. They can also have a “Me time” that has been stolen from the older lot due to the absence of such spicy and tasty sahulat.

Recently, we came across the new TVC of National Foods that superbly highlighted the same fact that kitchen and ability to balance the spices to present a well-cooked dish, is not a litmus test for a woman’s love for family. She should not remain confined to one corner of house just to produce tasty food. All women should Live and love outside the confinements of the kitchen when National Recipe Mixes gives them the “Sahulat” to cook delicious food in less time. This does not make them a failure!

With a history spanning over four decades, National Foods has always tried to do something extra ordinary to empower women. With their latest TVC, the brand has intelligently not only tried to break the stereotype but also introduced a new concept of “Not A Failure”. 

The tag #NotAFailure is a great initiative to tell everyone that if a woman cannot spare time for certain things for example making round chapatis, cooking aromatic curries, washing dishes or doing other household chores, it’s not a failure. Look at the lives of those women who have achieved great things in life, made proud their families, earned name in their respective fields. Those women may not be good cooks and experts of making round roti but have showed their passion and determination to attain their goals. They are definitely #NotAFailure but an inspiration for all.

Hence, women who choose to avail the convenience of National Foods recipe mixes - a perfect blend of traditional, spicy, tantalizing flavors, to make perfect meals for families and manage to take out sufficient time for loved ones, are Not A Failure.

So, ladies, it’s time to grab some of those enriched and flavorsome recipe mixes with a combination of exotic herbs, spices and seasonings, to show our talent and offer a tasteful experience of aromatic Pakistani cuisine to our families without wasting too much time in heat - after all we are #NotAFailure.

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  1. Women indeed are powerful. This is a very nice ad and the food looks yummy!

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  2. This looks so good my dear
    have a great day

  3. What a great message! More power to you and all the women out there! Dr Minesh Patel Dentist

    1. Thank you for liking the concept of women empowerment :)

  4. Thank you for posting! Women deserves more than being in the kitchen all the time! Dr Christian Farthing

  5. Thanks a lot :D

    this is one of my fav brands :D

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  6. Great post :-) Thanks God the time when women spent most their time cooking and looking after children and home is gone :-) greetings from Poland. Marta

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