Review - Asim Azhar's Sabz Safaid Rang Is A Gift For Pakistanis


For this years Independence Day, Cornetto Pop Rock brings Asim Azhar's new patriotic song Sabz Safaid Rang. The latest music video is directed by Adnan Malik.

The concept of Malik’s video is nostalgia. Now a days, people have no time and eagerness to explore their own country and city as they used to once. Young people are mainly prohibited from doing such activities by their parents just for safety concerns. The music video depicts five teenagers exploring different places on their bicycles and enjoying their independence. 


The youngsters embarked on a journey of experiencing something spectacular when the clock strikes twelve for 14th of August. The video showed Asim Azhar performing in front of enthusiastic young people who love their country and dancing in happiness of Independence.

Adnan Malik shared his experience , ‘When I first listened to the song, I thought it sounds fun and full of energy. It has been a pleasure working with Cornetto Pop Rock 2 and Asim Azhar. He’s immensely talented.’

Asim Azhar expressed his thoughts on the song as, ‘Working with Adnan was one of my goals. Working on Cornetto Pop Rock 2 platform with him has been an awesome experience. I hope everyone enjoys the song and it wakes up their patriotic spirit.’