Review - Cornetto Pop Rock: Momina Mustehsen’s Jee Liya Is About Finding Happiness


At the end of the second season, Cornetto Pop Rock brings a new music video titled ’Jee Liya’, featuring Pakistan’s favourite singer Momina Mustehsen. The lyrics and music composition is the work of Abbas Ali Khan and the video has been directed by Dawer Khan with Asad ul Haq as executive producer.

The meaningful lyrics explain how one should never stop living despite the odds. It is about the stories of our daily survival. The song is all about moving past yesterday and cherishing each moment as it comes, without glancing back.


The music video portrays Momina as a young female, who with her friends enjoying life as it comes. The theme for the video is finding happiness in small things in life despite all the hardships and obstacles that cross one’s path.

‘Jee Liya is a song inspired from our stories of survival. I always aim to use my music as a medium to inspire people, to keep themselves going, strong and brave even in the light of negativity around them. If you have ever fallen down, lost hope, gathered yourself up and bravely moved on, Jee Liya is a song that will hopefully connect with you.’ expressed  Momina Mustehsen. 

The second season of Cornetto Pop Rock 2 brought mesmerizing four solos and two duets along with the biggest hit of the season, the patriotic music video ‘Sabz Safaid Rang’ especially made for Independence Day 2017.

Cornetto Pop Rock 2 is the second season of famous Cornetto Pop Rock, a 360O music platform, which aims to revive the pop and rock culture among Pakistani youth by arranging music concerts across Pakistan. It has released six music videos each season with the most wonderful pop and rock stars of the country.



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