Tabba Heart Institute's Project DKL creating awareness about heart diseases and stroke prevention


Heart ailments including strokes are the prominent causes of death. Every year nearly 17 million persons die due to heart diseases. This number of deaths is higher than other serious illnesses for example cancer, HIV, malaria etc.

On World Heart Day, celebrated on 29th of September, Pakistan’s most comprehensive cardiology services providing institute Tabba Heart conducted a session on how to keep a check and balance on blood pressure and spread awareness about all heart diseases, cardiac arrest and stroke prevention through their Project Dil kay Liye (#ProjectDKL).

As a part of the project DKL, Tabba Heart Institute conducted an activity at LuckyOne Mall from 22nd to 24th September 2017 to create awareness about healthy heart encouraging people to focus on their heart’s well-being and keep it healthy and thus reduce the risk of heart diseases.

During the activation of Project DKL at LuckyOne Mall, thousands of people were engaged in healthy activities and games. People were given several giveaways on answering a health-related quiz and playing healthy games.

Project DKL is a way of life, it aims to create a healthy environment, encouraging people to switch to a healthier lifestyle through exercising, eating healthy, quitting smoking & getting regular medical check-ups done.

So, avoid oily and junk foods. Eat variety of fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to give up smoking, do regular exercise to keep yourself fit and fine with a healthy heart.

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