Review: Qurram, Maria's Duet Aaja Na Is About Searching The Soul Mate! (Cornetto Pop Rock)


The most-awaited duet of the Cornetto Pop Rock season 2, Aaja Na’ by Qurram Hussain and Maria Unera has been released. Produced by Qurram Hussain, the Aaja Na's music video has been directed by Amaan Ahmed who earlier directed Desan Da Raja by Qurram and Komal Rizvi. 

Styled by Ehtisham (ET), both artists had eight different modern and edgy looks for their new music video, Aaja Na narrates the story of lovers played by Qurram and Maria, living in parallel worlds. They both live in the same space and can feel each other’s presence yet are unable to reach each other, The song ends when the unseen barrier between them lifts and they come face to face during Cornetto Pop Rock concert. 

The video has a lot of colours, the sequences are fast paced, with different styling and amazing performances by both Maria and Qurram. 

‘A modern song like "Aaja Na" with Maria Unera could only be possible on a platform like Cornetto Pop Rock. I can’t wait for everyone to hear the final result of the hard work, and watch the video on Eid, which will be a special feeling’ said Qurram.

The director Ahmed shared his views about the music video, 'The concept of the video revolves around the notion 'so close yet so far.' The sequences show both Maria and Qurram in and around the same space without ever coming together in the same shot. Is it reality or is it just a figment of their imagination is for the viewers to find out. Visually, it is action packed.' 



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