Review - Ayesha Ibrahim Luxury Lawn Collection 2017 by ZS Textiles


Ayesha Ibrahim, known in the fashion world for her modern take on the traditional aesthetic, has launched Luxury Lawn collection 2017 in partnership with ZS Textiles. 

Being a part of fashion industry for almost two decades, Ibrahim has established herself as a name for elegance and trend. Her Luxury Lawn falls in line with what she is known for; the colors, the mix of eastern and western cuts, and the innovation in designs. The colors are summery, with a balance between bold and pastel hues. The prints are vibrant with floral patterns and a burst of aesthetically pleasant traditional design elements. 

Ayesha Ibrahim commented: ‘‘I am so excited for this collection. It is a perfect combination of east and west. The collection is inspired by the modern designs yet is very close to home in terms of color palette. Lawn has become the go-to fabric for summer in Pakistan, mainly because it is very easy to maintain and comfortable to wear. I have tried to style it in a way that it doesn't only give comfort but also looks beautiful when worn.”

ZS Textiles has gradually earned the recognition of becoming one of the leading Textile Company in Pakistan, backed by its expertise and efficiency, the company caters to domestic and global clientele. When it comes to the textile requirements of a company, ZS Textiles is a one stop shop. As an industry leader, ZS has always patronized the approach of investing hard and high levels of commitment for every assignment in order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

The collection is now available online. Let's check out some of the designs from the new collection.




  1. Great post dear! :)
    New post on my blog: http://vesnamar.blogspot.rs/2017/06/embroidered-jacket.html

  2. That collection is amazing, I really like colorful prints and soft fabrics, which were used to sew these clothes. :)



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