Organise Your Dresser Drawers


Drawers needs your attention.

It is very difficult to find something important in a messy drawer. Sometimes it take too much time and energy to find out your required item in a huge wardrobe or even in a small sized clustered drawer. 

It would take only a couple of hours or 30 - 40 minutes to organize your messy compartments. 

Here are some tips to follow :

Discard all the empty beauty products including perfume bottles, used cream tubes, compacts, lip-gloss etc.

Now rearrange all lipsticks in a box in such a manner that you can find your desired shade just by seeing the number and code or mentioned color on the top.

In a similar way, put all your eye shade colors, compacts, mascara, eye liner, and all other items in separate boxes or small containers.

Reserve a shelf particularly for your clutch- evening party bags. 

Shoulder bags should be hanged to avoid damages of straps and chains.

Organize your heels, flats, pumps in the lower most shelf of your wardrobe or in a totally separate shoe rack.

Separate your winter summer clothing .

Put all the out of season dresses in a separate shelf.

Again separate your formal and casual wear of the current season.

You can also separate all the denim clothing from the rest of the dresses. 

Hang the formals in plastic zipped covers to avoid damages to embellishments.

Hang all the stoles, scarves and shawls so that you can find them whenever you want.

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