Important Tips For Healthy And Beautiful Nails


Our nails can show signs of an undetected ailment. They changes their appearance and colour to show the deteriorating health in a human body.

So, taking care of your nails should be a routine for you.

Here are some tips:

Always keep your nails clean.

Leave your cuticles alone! Do not bite or cut them, as it can give you some bacterial infection and swollen nails; even fingers.

Apply good moisturizer to your nail bed and cuticles, it will help with breaking and chipping off layers.

Applying oil around cuticles helps moisturizing whole nail.

Always keep it in mind that you should foil your nails in one direction.

Soaking for the purpose of manicures, actually dries nail bed and cuticles.

Non-toxic remover is good for the health of nails.

Do not use your nails as opener or to scratch something. It will give brittle nails.


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