Review - Golden Rose Silky Touch Compact Powder


The Golden Rose Silky Touch Compact powder produces a "soft focus" impression on your skin. The distinct tints in its formula actually diffuse light to give you a soft look by blurring the presence of any blemishes and fine lines. Thus provides coverage of a bright and smooth finish to your skin. The compact powder is capable of blocking damaging UV sun-rays with SPF 15 sunblock ingredients.

The compact powder is perfect to use it without any foundation and it also works splendidly when applied over a layer of well-blended foundation. It adjusts the pigment against blemishes or imperfections while giving you a perfect natural glow. It is suitable for all skin types.

Lightweight formula slides smoothly and evenly to help make-up stay fresh all day long and creates a flawless finish, guaranteed to provide full, perfect coverage.

Some of the significant characteristics of this powder include,
  1. The Golden Rose Silky Touch Compact powder has a good coverage. It would leave you with a dry feeling
  2. Silky Touch Compact powder gives a flawless, even and velvety look.
  3. The compact powder also has UV protection as it is available in SPF15
  4. The compact powder works as sun-screen and protects you from harmful rays.
  5. There are some ingredients that work as antioxidants and protect skin with Vitamin E and A
  6. When applied over a foundation, it gives you a matte finish and smooth silky look
  7. It has a very lightweight formula that glides smoothly and evenly on skin
  8. It has photochromatic properties which means it diffuses light and blurs imperfections on the face

The Golden Rose Silky Touch Compact Powder is available in a compact case. The easy to carry small kit is supplemented with a round fluff. You can buy it in four distinct shades,

201 Translucent White
202 Banana
203 Medium Fair
204 Nude Beige