Karachi Eat Is Back With A Bang!


The seventh edition of the biggest eat festival – Karachi Eat 2020 is back with a bang. This year, there are more than 100 eateries to tempt foodies. The three-day festival will give a chance to food lovers to taste sweet, savory and delicious food till 12th January at the Beach View Park.

The 100 plus food stalls are set up by big multinationals to startups or home-based businesses. Keeping in mind the haphazard of previous experiences, the organizers are more precautious and have made some changes to accommodate the crowd. There are clear signs for directions, entry, and exit to avoid the rush.

The eateries will include Chipseez, (introducing their signature Beetroot, Sweet Potato, Potato Chips), Zoya’s Kitchen giving Cannoli (Italian pastries) and Lemon Grass, introducing Crying Tiger, Rigos ice cream, Churrosity will have Churro Hot Dog, Cloud Naan will have Chicken Naan, Spicogetti will introduce their new starter Chic ‘N’ Cheese Spaghetti along with signature Khausa, Singaporean Rice and Wrappeite will give you Bread Bowl Lasagna.

Some very distinctive titles will also be at Karachi eat 2020. These will include Drty Dogs, Khichdi Express, Brew Factory, Abid Chatkhara, Punjabi Dhaba, Arabi’s, Clucky’s, Lemon Grass, Leena’s Cevapi, Burger Boss, and D’oh.

Following are some picks from Karachi Eat 2020 that you must try out,

Made Easy

For a yummy sweet dessert, visit Made Easy stall by National Food Ltd. Here you will find the tasty Royal Falooda. Made Easy is also offering delectable Bun sliders with a unique filling made up of Nihari, Karhai, and Tika Boti. Their other items include Chullu kebab and other BBQ wraps Scene on chaat Lebanese magmour and Kachori. You can win a Free biryani on a digital game at the stall.  

Ice Cream by Rigos

Select the base of ice cream asper your choice and Rigos will add two gold flakes.

Brew Factory

As the Karachi is witnessing extra windy weather, the Brew factory’s coffee is favourite among the foodies.

Khichdi Express

This traditional food stall is offering yummy dishes including the khichdi, poppadoms, bhagaray baingan, khattay aloo, chutney, etc.


Don’t forget to try their latest addition, the Hot Mess dessert. Taste the unique taste of Lotus crumble, layers of caramel sauce, cream and cake all covered in a delicious sauce made from condensed milk.

2 Guys 1 Grll

If you are a fan of typical Chicken and Beef Burger than this 2 Guys 1 Grll is the place for you at Karachi Eat 2020.

The Nugget Town

Who can resist nuggets? Yes, no one can! The Nugget Town is offering crispy nuggets with Korean sauce, served with mac and cheese. A taste that you will remember.

Khan Haleem

You have heard about Matka Biryani and Matka Chai but this is something new. Khan Haleem will serve you their hot Haleem in a matka with a savory topping.

The above mentioned are some of the picks from the eat festivals. There are numerous others as well that you should try. 

On Sunday, the festival will be open for the public from 12:30pm to 10:30pm.

The Ticket costs Rs450. 

Happy eating! 

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