Chinese deep-Fake App ZAO Goes Viral, Sparks Privacy Concerns


China has stirred the technology world with its new app known as ZAO. The ZAO enables users swap their faces with celebrities, sports stars or anyone else in any video clip.

Since its introduction on August 30, ZAO triggers millions of downloads and has raised a million dollar question about privacy issues for millions of users. Termed as the best application of Deepfake style AI (Artificial Intelligence) facial substitute. 

Available at China’s iOS App Store, ZAO’s servers almost crashed due to the gush of traffic. You can sign-up for ZAO you’re your phone number, than upload images of your face close-ups. At the next step, select from a variety of videos of celebrities to overlay your own face before sharing it with your friends.

The controversial ZAO app was published by live-streaming service Momo, famous as creators of a dating app. 


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