Tapal Green Tea Sponsored 4th Season of BBRC Body Makeover Challenge

Glimpses of Tapal Green Tea's Body MakeOver Challenge

Reaching a goal of having a perfect body with ultimate fitness just like celebs is not unattainable if one sticks to the precise work-out routine and follows healthy eating habits.

To promote such a thoughtful message and showing motivation behind all the healthy lifestyle, Pakistan’s premium brand Tapal Green Tea came up with a brilliant idea. The brand sponsored one of the most anticipated events for Fitness and Health in Pakistan by partnering up with Body Beat Recreational Center, BBRC and organizing Body Makeover Challenge 4, (#BMO4).

Both the collaborators, Tapal Green Tea and BBRC invited Pakistan’s top notch fitness experts together to compete under one roof and show their vigor for health and fitness by accepting series of toughest challenges.

The tasks were to complete Piston Squats, Dynamic Pushup Challenge, Head Stand Challenge, Paper Challenge and the final “Tapal Fitness Challenge”.

Everyone welcomed the idea as many came forward to be a part of this activity. Hassan Rizvi, Nusrat and Sameet from 42 DC, Mustafa from Impulse, Zainab Ansari, cofounder DXD, Hydro, Bilal Munir, and many more were among the participants and attendees of the event.

Fitness trainer Wasif Muhammad did a mix of Burpees, Clap Pushups and Frog Jumps to show his robustness for the ultimate Tapal Green Tea Challenge at Body Make Over Challenge, BBRC.

Wasif Muhammad
The Grand Prize included an Apple iWatch, iPod Nano, Yoga Mat, Fitness Gloves, and the entire range of the delicious flavors of Tapal Green Tea.
The winner of the Tapal Green Tea Challenge, and the grand prize, was Mr. Rizwan Noor. 

Other winners included Mr. Sajid who won the dynamic push up challenge. He showed his stamina by doing a whopping 75 push-ups in less than one minute.

Throughout the event, the participants and attendees enjoyed refreshing Tapal Green Iced Tea and Tapal Green Tea. They were presented with giveaways from the brand.

As far as Tapa Green Tea is concerned, we have already mentioned in our previous blog that Tapal’s Green Tea contains Catechins helps in digestion by boosting the body’s natural metabolic rate. It also helps in weight loss and reduces abdominal fat.

Catechins work as antioxidants that flush out all the toxins from your body, and leaves you feeling fresh and revitalized. It promotes a healthy effect for your skin by propagating a radiant glow.

It is very interesting to note that Tapal Green Tea also consists of Theanine which promotes relaxation. Its powerful antioxidants help fight aging and various types of cancer and promote longevity by promoting heart health and lowering cholesterol levels in the body.

Tapal Green Tea bags are much more effective and rich in taste as compared to loose Green Tea which is obviously not hygienic at all. This is the reason we always prefer drinking Tapal Green Tea to remain fit and agile. 


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