The Launch Event Of SooperHaiAzadi TVC

Adnan Bajwa, Shahzain Munir, Jahangir Khan, Saba Gul, Shahzad Roy, Saadia Naveed 

For Pakistan, the month of August is a reminder of the great struggle for an independent country where everyone can live freely in harmony and peace. The true freedom can only be celebrated when individuals connect their own right of freedom with the spirit of national freedom.

This importance of freedom is beautifully highlighted in Peek Freans Sooper's newly launched ‘Sooper Hai Azadi’ campaign. To celebrate the occasion of Independence Day, the new tvc has been aimed to signify the “Rhythm of Freedom”. The theme shows the joy and happiness of freedom that a nation can enjoy only after having independence and liberty.

Here is the video of Rhythms of Freedom:


Rhythms of Azadi #SooperHaiAzadi

The Rhythm of Freedom depicts a variety of beautiful sounds, for example rain drops, door, flute, typewriter, anklets etc. It explains that these sounds exemplify the contribution of all individuals (including both male and female) for the prosperity of their country.

The back ground (instrumental) music of a famous national song “Main Bhi Pakistan Hoon, Tu bhi Pakistan hai” adds extra charm to the overall idea of the campaign. It signals the significance of a mutual hardship for the benefit of the nation and country. 

From the left: Shahzain Munir (Business Development Head, EBM), Adnan Ali Bajwa (Brand Manager, Peek Freans Sooper, Saadia Naveed (Deputy Managing Director, EBM), Jahangir Khan, Shehzad Roy, Jibran Nasir. 

At the launch event of SooperHaiAzadi campaign, Adnan Bajawa, Brand Manager Peek Freans Sooper, the flagship brand of English Biscuit Manufacturers (Pvt.) Limited, stated; 

“In the “Sooper Hai Azadi” campaign, we have acknowledged everyday sounds people make. we have combined them to produce an instrumental as a dedication to Pakistan’s workforce, who contribute to the development of this country. This campaign is also a reminder of the greatest thing this country has given us, which is Azadi. It is because of Azadi that we love what we do, because we have the freedom to choose for ourselves.”

During panel discussion, panelists Jahangir Khan, Shehzad Roy, Jibran Nasir and Saba Gul expressed their own experiences in the light of individual freedom. The discussion also paid tribute to unsung heroes who contributed in the success and were a motivational force behind panelists’ professional lives.

Squash legend Jahangir Khan told the audience about his personal struggle despite health issues and how his family and friends motivated him to achieve a status of international icon which was his deceased brother’s dream. For him. the sensation of accomplishment after struggling for any particular goal is unmatched. This is true Freedom for the legend who has a record of winning 555 consecutive matches.

Social worker and humanitarian Shahzad Roy shared his story and inspiration that compelled him to change his path from popular music to message oriented songs and social work. For him, loving your country is incomparable. Looking at flaws negatively is not an answer, instead do something good for your country while remaining in your capacity. 

Shahzad Roy with Journalist Khursheed Hyder

Lawyer and social activist Jibran Nasir talked about the importance of basic human rights, the right of having education, basic necessities of life and freedom of speech. Without the liberty of having basic rights, the meaning and essence of freedom is hollow. 

Popinjay owner and entrepreneur Saba Gul shared her personal preference to return to Pakistan and starting a business to promote Pakistan’s art in international market. her brand is helping women to work from their home and earn money by selling their art and craft.  

Shahzain Munir, Saba Gul, Umair Jaliawala, Adnan Ali Bajwa

The event was hosted by Umair Jaliawala and attended by a number of media personalities including bloggers.    


In second phase of ‘Sooper Hai Azadi' campaign, there will be several social media activities for people to win gifts. The Peek Freans Sooper team will travel across Pakistan to acknowledge and honour the 20,000 unsung heroes of Pakistan with a Sooper Salam and presenting them Sooper gift boxes.

Peek Freans Sooper will also decorate different market places with Sooper Hai Azadi buntings and will give Pakistan’s badges among people. 



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  5. A well written analysis indeed! I like the way you have described the campaign and the panelists' discussion.

  6. A well written analysis indeed! I like the way you have described the campaign and the panelists' discussion.

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