TEDxLahoreWomen: Let's Get Inspired By Bold & Brilliant Women Of Pakistan!


The TEDxLahoreWomen is a platform to meet and greet the inspiring ladies of Pakistan who achieved their goals despite hurdles. It is a place to recognize the unbelievable work championed by Pakistani women in all fields. It aims to create safe spaces where women and girls can come together to share ideas, co-create and expand their communities.

This year, the British Council in Pakistan collaborated with TEDxLahoreWomen to support women through culture, programs, research and partnerships across Pakistan. The British Council collaborates with partners from different sectors to influence legislation and policy that promotes gender equality – in some cases at the local level and in some others at the national level.

The theme of the event was something that really resonates with great achievers among women; Bold & Brilliant TED Women 2019. The platform provided space to those shining ladies who took extraordinary risks and moved forward like true innovators. The TEDxLahoreWomen event celebrated the pioneers and those who tirelessly working and showing up as allies and advocates.

At the Bold & Brilliant event by TEDxLahoreWomen, the inspirational women shared their inspiring and motivational stories to encourage the next generation of young women – and men. So that their talks and performances will boost the confidence of others to think about what we as a community can do to shatter glass ceilings, challenge stereotypes and start new conversations on how we can best support and champion women in Pakistan.

Dr Aneela Darbar, a neurosurgeon, shared her experiences with the audience that people ask her about her profession: is neurosurgery more difficult than rocket science? People also ask her, if it pays a lot. For her, the real question is: does it save lives? It does, and it doesn't.

Another wonderful speaker Amna Zamir, the Additional District & Sessions Judge from #GilgitBaltistan talked about the hardships faced by her in a male-dominated society as well as a profession and how she created a space for herself in the system despite the obstacles. Zamir told audiences that "Determination, hard work and confidence of a woman can defeat the odds."

"When I wanted to study law in college I was told to choose another degree because it would be hard for a woman to travel to Islamabad or Peshawar. I told my father if I can't study law I won't study anything at all. I did it." said Amna Zamir.

The singer and pediatric doctor Masuma Anwar who got international fame because of her Sufi songs and Coke Studio performances, said, "The tenor and timber of my voice was compared to male singers. I didn't care about the memes and was proud: yes, I stand shoulder to shoulder with the best male singers out there."

The TEDxLahoreWomen emphasized that discriminatory social attitudes, beliefs , and social norms can negatively affect women's and girls’ empowerment. It is important to share positive women's attitudes to encourage other women. Such an event helps to understand, explore and influence change in attitudes, as well as foster opportunities for influencing social norms in the longer term.


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